What is shtuff you may ask? Well to find out, screw you.

You have entered the glorious world of newbie SCPs! Actually, is it SCiPs? Meh, I don't know, and frankly I don't care.
Feel free to poke around, see what ya can find.
Well, I do believe I have run out of things to say here so…..yeah. If you're here to review…~please be gentile~ O)_(O
Current focus is under SCP5 tab.

What the fuck? What? How are we outside the tab?! What is this?! How did we get here?! Oh God, I feel it. This is what it feels like, to die? Oh God, oh my God… How did this happen… does it even really matter? Does it? Oh God… it's so easy to just start losing it all. Simple oblivion snuffing out your life just as quickly as it begins…