SCP-1223 (Temporary Number, will change upon completion)

Item #-SCP-1223 - "ThoughtWalker"

Object class-Keter

** Special Containment Procedures**:

SCP-1233 Is to be incarcerated in a class 4 containment cell, with a three stage entry to prevent her from escaping. Her cell must be made of DuPont polymer surrouned by a later of concrete. It is okay to use nails and screws to hold her cell, or anything inside her cell, together, as they are too small to amplify the effects of her brainwaves. Inside of the cell, 6 (Six) Stereo speakers must be built into the corners in the cell, protected by locked cages.These speakers must cover sound vibrations ranging from 3000Hz, 6000Hz, 9000Hz, and so on. SCP-1223 must have two guards at her cell at all times, and lights must be on inside its cell 24/7. The speaker neutralize the sound waves coming from her, preventing any personnel from being affected. SCP-1223 has been to shown to be extremely violent, and will kill anybody she comes into contact with without hesitation. SCP-1223 has been shown to kill her victims using a sound-wave based method, coming from an unknown organ somewhere in her brain, possibly in her neck.

Unless proper clearance is given, all personnel must remain outside of SCP-1223's cell.
DO NOT turn off the speakers at any time, as this has caused any and all personnel with 50-70m of SCP-1223 to [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-1223 has been shown to use an unknown organ to create Delta, Beta, Theta and Alpha level sound wavesthat can control the conscious and subconscious functions of the human brain, as well as functionality of the human organs through control of neural pathways. SCP-1223 has seemingly not killed any of the Class-D personnel unless attacked, but has caused other effects on the subjects such as sleep, anger, depression, headaches and other minor effects. The few scientists that have been exposed to SCP-1223 have nearly died, being saved at the last minute by guards or others Class-A personnel. Most of the minor effects caused by SCP-1223 subside when it is no longer near the subject, with the exception of a few instances where the subject has received permanent nerve damage or has been killed. As far as we know, it cannot force any form physical movement, but it can however cause amnesia. It is very rare that SCP-1223 will give a subject amnesia, as seen with [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-1223 was first reported outside of a small town in ██████, in an abandoned two story house. It is responsible for the disappearance of 14 children, and the murders of 26 Adults. The adult’s bodies were found hanging from the attic rafters. No visible wounds or signs of a fight or struggle were found. The children were found dead, seeming to have starved to death in the woods, all in random locations. There is no visible struggled, possibly besides an injury when the children fell dead. Dr. ██████ aswell as a security team was sent in on December 23rd , ██████ to capture SCP-1223. During her transport, SCP-1223 attacked several personnel, killing 3 and incapacitating 2, including Dr. ██████

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