Anomalous Obesity
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Minimum containment procedures are to be applied to SCP XXXX-1 due to SCP XXXX's docility. SCP XXXX-1 is to be given a 20 x 20 m living area, with half of the room serving as a bedroom furnished with 1 bed and 1 desk, and the other half serving as a Catholic chapel for SCP XXXX's host, which is to be accessible to all personnel should they wish to visit. Surveillance on SCP XXXX-1 is to be maintained continuously, and any changes to SCP XXXX-1's apparent fitness or apprearence is to be reported immediately. : [Paragraphs explaining the procedures]

SCP XXXX is a sentient entity of unknown origin which makes it's home within human hosts. No data regarding SCP XXXX's properties outside of a human host is known. SCP XXXX's size can vary greatly from host to host. Hosts of SCP XXXX have described that SCP XXXX enters the body through the mouth or belly button, appearing spectral and whispy as it enters, and settles in the stomach, where it is thought to enter the living tissue surrounding the stomach, Once within a host, SCP XXXX causes its host's skin to become highly elastic, being able to be stretched 14 times it's normal length, and also causes fat to form around the stomach region, which soon spreads into other parts of the body, giving it's human host, now known as SCP XXXX-1, the apprearence of a morbidly obese individual. SCP XXXX will then manipulate the fat tissue, which is found in large quantities in the neck, stomach region, legs, and hands, and control the movements of SCP XXXX-1. SCP XXXX has been observed forming hand like structures made from fat extending from SCP XXXX-1's chest region, which are capable of motor functions akin to a human hand, and seemingly give SCP XXXX the sense of touch. Researchers have also observed SCP XXXX temporarily taking over the body of SCP XXXX-1 and using the body to take walks around the facility and to participate in various activities. Occasionally, SCP XXXX will cause it's host's body to expand to 3 times it's normal volume, resulting in the host body resembling a large, flesh colored ball. Questioning on the subject has revealed that this act is a reflex and that SCP XXXX has no conscious control over it. Fat tissue around the neck region have been observed to give SCP XXXX a means of communicating to researchers and it's current host though SCP XXXX-1's speech, and on numerous occasions has been overved having conversations with SCP XXXX-1. Testing of this fat has revealed it is identical to normal human fat tissue and possesses no anomalous effects outside of the host's body.
SCP XXXX's current host, a Roman Catholic priest known as [REDACTED] has told researchers that SCP XXXX has been within his body for quite some time. SCP XXXX-1 is content with SCP XXXX's presence within him, as the entity does not show any hostility towards its host or anybody else. SCP XXXX-1 has reported no health problems resulting from his apparent obesity. :
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