Don't let the account age fool you; I only started regularly lurking recently. I read a lot of SCPs and guides, and I've picked up enough to give critique when I think it helps.

For my own reference: SCPs I'd like to write once I think of narrative hooks

  • Self-replicating blue food dye (based on a true story!)
  • Fans of a celebrity react with shock and anger when it turns out he's problematic. Just another day on the internet? The thing is, no one is able to explain what their problematic fave did without getting a nosebleed and passing out. Also, said problematic fave doesn't exist.
  • Drum loop sample (similar to the Amen Break) with anomalous effects upon listeners. Article includes short music samples of various genres sampling the drum break as it continually appears outside of containment (to the Foundation's increasing chagrin)
  • A nsfw idea with the mainlist title "I've Seen Enough SCPs To Know Where This Is Going"
  • A tale about Gamers Against Weed versus SCP-682 having to deal with the kind of cosmic-monstrosity-level anomaly that's completely out of their usual sphere of influence
  • The entire continent of Australia
  • The Great Vowel Shift
  • A road cycling-inspired SCP
  • A joke SCP