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Document, type: 2107-DL, Interrogation Log

Clearance: Level 3

Interviewer: Unknown Agent F████ (presumably)

Interviewed: Garry Tempson, 32

Date: [REDACED] [sic]

Garry: What is this?

Ag. F████: It's a █████. We found this object in your house. We would like to know how and where you got this.

Garry: I've never seen this thing. It looks… [Subject pauses and observes the object] Strange? I don't even know.

Ag. F████: This object was responsible for █ brutal deaths.

Garry: This? But it's just a ███████, how could it cause damage?

Ag. F████: I'm affraid I cannot tell you that. Where did you get this object?

Garry: My friend gave it to me about a month ago, but it looked completely different. It wasn't, well, purple? It also had a label on the bottom.

Ag. F████: Do you remember what was written on it?

Garry: No, I just placed it on my cupboard. That's all I can remember.

Ag. F████: Were there any strange sounds in the night?

Garry: Oh, that. Gave me nightmares. It was like a silent song, just really electronic-sounding.

Ag. F████: We will play a recording of the sound, tell us what you feel.

[A recording of the 'Lincolnshire Poacher' numbers station interval signal is played]

[The subject stays silent and unresponsive for 1 minute 32 seconds (the recording length)]

Garry: 6, 2, 1, 5, 0, 3 [Pause] D, 7, 9, J.

Ag. F████: Did you get that?

Dr. G█████: Yes, wrap this up.

Garry: What happened?

Ag. F████: It is not important. Thank you for your cooperation.

Garry: What did I do?

Ag. F████: You helped us quite a bit.

Garry: Huh. Okay.

Ag. F████: We are going to let you go now.

Garry: What? I-I don't want to go!

Ag. F████: We're

Garry: [Screams] I don't want to! I don't want to!

[Subject attacks Agent F████, knocking him unconscious. The subject grabs the object and holds it up while it seems to vibrate the air surrounding it. The following vibrations move towards the door, disintegrating the door without any traces. Subject attempts to escape Site-26. He was halted shortly after. Subject utilizes the anomalous object to disintegrate 5 (five) Site Guards. The subject than stood silently in the corridor while attempting to impale himself with the object, screaming inaudibly. A wave of heated air travels through the facility at a rate of ██km/h, destroying everything in it's path.]