Betonvin's SCP Sandbox
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the procedures]

Description: SCP-XXXX is an approximately 60m x 60m x 18m six floor office complex located in ████████, California. The exterior of SCP-XXXX is unremarkable, and upon looking through any of the windows on the exterior of SCP-XXXX which through testing have been discovered to be virtually indestructible, will present the viewer a seemingly unaffected office space.

Upon the full entrance into SCP-XXXX, the subject in question will experience a seamless transition into a seemingly infinite extra-dimensional space located inside SCP-XXXX. The extra-dimensional space inside SCP-XXXX, apart from the first floor, is comprised of a random assortments of rooms and hallways. Any subject that enters SCP-XXXX from any location that isn't the main entrance, the subject will be transported instantaneously to a space just inside the building, usually as close to the main entrance as physically possible.

The only viable way to access the extra-dimensional floors is through the four elevators located at the center of the floor. The call buttons of the elevators function as intended, requesting the elevator to take the user to a floor above or below. However, the floor buttons on the inside of the elevator do not take the user to one of the requested six floors. The elevator transportation times greatly vary from ~0.0001 Seconds to ~12 Hours, and have never been observed to travel to the same floor. The elevator will open to one of the infinite number of floors which appear to be contracted haphazardly. (i.e. long hallways leading to nothing and rooms with odd dimensions.) It is theorized that there are lower and upper infinity floors inside SCP-XXXX, with the lower floors containing reception rooms, small offices, and maintenance areas, and the upper floors contain offices for higher-ups and company executives, and the middle floors contain normal office spaces and conference rooms, all of which contain windows. Radio, video, wifi signals etc. can be transmitted to and received from SCP-XXXX without complications.

Due to the properties of the elevators in SCP-XXXX, it's currently impossible to retrieve anything from the building once the doors to the elevators close.

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]