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SCP-1276 recently awakened within its containment area.

Item #: SCP-1276

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1276 is to be contained within a 3m by 5m by 7m room with heavily insulated walls, ceiling, and floor, primarily (over 95%) composed of Tungsten (W) at Site-32. Room temperature must not exceed -45°C (-49°F) due to the high risk of a containment breach, potentially resulting in a MK-class scenario. The temperature may be increased to -35°C (-31°F) when feeding SCP-1276. In the event of a transfer or repair of its current container, the new containment facility should include twelve (12) 1.5m x 3m x 1.2m industrial-grade air conditioners, as they are to be the source of the required post-freezing temperature. A constant flow of cold air must be maintained at all times, and weekly maintenance must be performed to ensure absolute efficiency. In the event of a facility-wide power outage, backup generators will provide the necessary electricity until power is restored.

No less than four (4) guards are to be stationed outside of the designated containment area, and each should be equipped with high-pressure liquid nitrogen tanks and hoses to use against SCP-1276 if a containment breach does occur. In the situation in which SCP-1276 “turns” a significant percentage of the population within the immediate vicinity (60%), all personnel within the affected location are required to send an emergency signal to O-5 command, issuing an immediate termination of said location via a launch of liquid nitrogen-infused missiles to halt any further activity until SCP-1276 can be recontained and relocated.

Should any instance of SCP-1276-1 enter the bloodstream, the effected individual is to be terminated via incineration as soon as possible. In the event that SCP-1276-1 transforms the individual beyond the point of incineration, they are to be captured and thrown into SCP-1276’s containment area. SCP-1276’s feeding schedule is to be altered accordingly.

Description: SCP-1276 is an unidentified member of the Nimravidae family that is 2.4 m (8 ft) in length, approximately 3000 kg (~6610 pounds) , and is entirely made of a heavily resistant and seemingly unbreakable Bronze alloy. Other than its unusual body composition and unique situation when feeding, the creature is a seemingly standard saber-toothed cat of correct proportion and biological function.

The creature was uncovered in a recent archaeological dig site in northern [REDACTED], Canada, lead by one of the foundations Head Archaeologists within that region, Dr. [REDACTED]. Dr. [REDACTED] was posing as a professor of archaeology at a nearby university, using his position to intercept any potential artifacts of interest found during archaeological digs under his supervision. It was during one of these digs where one of his students had uncovered a collection of metallic bones that, upon further excavation, lead to a small underground cavern entirely coated with ice. Within this chamber were five (5) more bronze skeletons, three (3) sharpened stones, two (2) blunt objects made of stone, and SCP-1276 encased in ice. Dr. [REDACTED] immediately called in The Foundation’s retrieval team and administered Class-A amnesiacs to each person that had entered the dig site.

After approx. six (6) hours of thawing the ice, SCP-1276 rose from its position and began thrashing around its containment area. When possible escape was threatened, nearby guards fired an indeterminate round of bullets at the creature, yet it seemed remained unfazed. The same apathy was observed when it was assaulted by flame, acid, and explosives. It was only when a research assistant poured liquid nitrogen on the specimen that it faltered back. Lower temperatures appear to have a soporific effect on SCP-1276, and seem to be the only combatant against it at the time of writing.

When feeding on living tissue, SCP-1276’s second anomalous property surfaces. When provided with a living creature, SCP-1276 will sink its teeth into its prey, administering an unknown biological chemical that is created through unknown means. This substance is hereby known as SCP-1276. Once it has infected its prey with this chemical agent, SCP-1276 will seemingly ignore them until the transformation is complete. The transformation sequence is as follows:

  • Stage 1: During the first few minutes, no abnormal changes appear in the outer or inner biology of the infected subject. Subject will exhibit normal behavior until the fifteen (15) minute mark.
  • Stage 2: Upon reaching fifteen (15) minutes, the subject will begin exhibiting sluggish movements and slower reaction times. This will persist until the subject is entirely unresponsive and for all intents and purposes, considered brain dead.
  • Stage 3: At approx. twenty (20) minutes, the subject’s cells will begin to transform and change composition to mimic that of SCP-1276. All body hair will fall out and any bodily fluids will be replaced with liquid bronze, chemically similar to that of the fluids inside of SCP-1276.
  • Stage 4: After a 5-10 minute period of transformation, and once the subject has been changed entirely, SCP-1276 will once again take interest in the subject and resume normal hunting behavior. Once pounced on, the subject will not struggle and allow itself to be devoured by SCP-1276. The creature’s teeth seem to be the only metal capable of damaging either SCP-1276 or a fully-turned individual, yet they seem to be impossible to remove by any known means.
A common brown rat infected with SCP-1276-1 after 40 minutes.