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Item Number: SCP-UNKNOWN

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-UNKNOWN should be kept in a low-maintenance locker at Site-24. No documents should come into contact with SCP-UNKNOWN for any reason, even if on a computer, book, etc. as its anomalous properties will manifest resulting in a level 4 info-breach. If such event should occur, all witnesses should be dosed with Class A amntesics and put back into normal living after six months observation and questioning. If they still retain memory, dose with more amnetesics and repeat the process. All documents written about SCP-UNKNOWN should be written in blue. No other colors can be used as it's properties will manifest.

Description: SCP-UNKNOWN is a piece of standard copy paper with a handwritten paragraph on it. Tests show no anomaly in the composition of the wax or paper itself. See Tab "Note Written on SCP-UNKNOWN".

If SCP-UNKNOWN comes into contact with anything that can hold information, unless it uses blue colored writing, it will transmit a secret document seemingly at random. This has included but not limited to:

A blueprint for a [DATA EXPUNGED] by North Korea's government

American tactics for a possible [REDACTED] outbreak

A copy of a pdf file belonging to Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ldt. containing nothing but a single file on making pasta, research ongoing to the meaning of the file

If SCP-UNKNOWN touches any form of media with other exact copies unless they follow Containment protocol, every version of the touched media will change over a 100 meter radius into the same document. If it is touched to any device with internet, i.e., computer, then a massive data change will happen to the [REDACTED] causing lag, paranoia and eventually worldwide panic.

Note: If SCP-UNKNOWN is touched to a computer or any other device with internet connection, then the events to happen on the internet could cause worldwide panic, therefor testing on electronics is banned by orders of Dr.King

Addendum: SCP-UNKNOWN was found on a raid on a Wondertainment warehouse along with SCP-███████. It originally had a sticker on it composed of vinyl with a glue on the back, but upon leaving the building, the sticker had disappeared. Composition of residue left behind shows a high level of acidity that would burn through normal paper and wax. Pending tests on composition of SCP-UNKNOWN. Testing accepted, residue now denominated as SCP-UNKNOWN-1

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