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Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to remain restrained and incapacitated via sedatives within a high security humanoid containment unit at Site-. The temperature of the cell is to remain at -5° or lower to reduce the mobility of SCP-xxxx. In the event that SCP-xxxx regains consciousness, nitrogen gas should be released into the chamber to lower the risk of a containment breach or the secretion of SCP-xxxx-A; should this procedure fail, an on-site SRA is to be activated to prevent distortions in local reality or a potential LK-Reality Restructuring event. In the event SCP-xxxx manages to reconstruct the site through temporal or ontokinetic means, all personnel and SCP objects should evacuate the site.

Description: SCP-xxxx refers to an class VI reality bending entity resembling a middle-aged Asian female presumed to Japanese descent, its skin, bone and muscle tissue consists entirely of arthropod chitin which is composed of glucose and carbohydrates as expected for most arthropods, what appears to be black hair styled in a "bun" is present on the head of SCP-xxxx. It's 56.5 kilograms and 1.7 meters in height and weight similarly to the average weight of a human female. SCP-xxxx has eight humanoid appendages integrated into its anatomy all of which appear to be proportionate and show no abnormalities other than the presence of a gland on the end of each digit (See SCP-xxxx-A). SCP-xxxx seems to be adapted to preying upon other lifeforms including bovines, canids and humans. SCP-xxxx has twelve compound eyes, all of which are bright red in colouration and seem to allow for both long range and widened perception.

Despite being predatory in nature, SCP-xxxx is sapient and seems to lack awareness of its containment. SCP-xxxx typically reacts to its surroundings with confusion and fear and rarely responds to the voices of personnel presumably because SCP-xxxx is hypothesised to be deaf with the exception of Agent ███ one of the agents who retrieved SCP-xxxx who succeeded in communication with SCP-xxxx (See document). SCP-xxxx typically behaves in a erratic manner when conscious often attempting to harm and consume personnel although whether SCP-xxxx does this for sustenance or self-defence.

SCP-xxxx primarily feeds with a series of coxal glands which secrete and regurgitate digestive fluid on any given target, it appears to be extremely corrosive reducing even the most resistant collagen bonds. After exposure to acid, the prey becomes immobile and vomits a mixture fluid and muscle tissue; SCP-xxxx will lunge at the prey and proceed to consume the partially digested fluid and tissue, before tearing and consuming any other damaged tissues, bone is then discarded.

SCP-xxxx is capable of secreting a substance designated SCP-xxxx-A from glands embedded in each of its digits, the material is extremely ductile and resembles thread but has properties similar to aranae1 silk. SCP-xxxx-A, when affixed to material; causes severe structure distortion. SCP-xxxx can freely alter local reality by attaching multiple strands of SCP-xxxx-A to any object within the physical plane of existence and manoeuvring the strands to completely re-arrange the shape, properties and mass of the object. SCP-xxxx-A has a unique effect when affixed to a deceased human subject. Upon attachment to a human cadaver, the subject will begin to radiate an aura that transfers the humes from the surrounding environment towards subject in a manner similar to an exothermic reaction. Causing the subject to become enveloped in a form a red light which heavily resembles a cocoon.

Within a period of approximately 16 hours, the subject will undergo a metamorphosis of anatomy and emerge from the cocoon with a complete restart in life function and are hereby designated SCP-xxxx-B. The properties of instances of SCP-xxxx-B vary between manifestation however it is speculated that the properties are respective to certain crimes or actions that were psychologically detrimental as shown by the regret usually displayed by instances of SCP-xxxx-B.