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This is a collection of deleted SCPs I have for the sake of archiving.
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Profile picture frequently used by SCP-XXXX. Click to enlarge.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation front companies are to disseminate falsified information about SCP-XXXX being a hacker to Microsoft, Discord Inc., and other major producers of instant messaging software to ensure that accounts belonging to SCP-XXXX instances are quickly deleted. The Foundation-operated bot Epsilon-005 ("Janus") is to monitor instant relay chat programs for instances of SCP-XXXX, and subdue them by flooding them with messages until they disconnect. IP addresses used by SCP-XXXX instances are to be monitored for future anomalous activity.

Individuals who participated in SCP-XXXX's assignments are to be given amnestics, and Foundation-operated websites are to disseminate easily disprovable conspiracy theories about similar "anonymous government insiders".

Description: SCP-XXXX is an entity that manifests on instant messaging services such as internet relay chat programs, Skype, and Discord. SCP-XXXX consistently chooses the username "vagabond" on each program it uses, and has a profile picture depicting a maze whenever possible. All efforts to trace SCP-XXXX's location have failed, and it is currently unknown whether SCP-XXXX actually has a physical form.

Shortly after manifesting, SCP-XXXX will send a simple greeting to another user. Users chosen by SCP-XXXX vary, but are invariably between 14 and 25 years of age, in possession of at least one weapon or object that could reasonably substitute for one, and have an interest in conspiracy theories and related subjects. If SCP-XXXX does not receive a reply within seven days, its account becomes inactive and a new account is created the following month. However, if the user responds, SCP-XXXX claims to be in danger and requests help from the user. SCP-XXXX describes itself differently depending on the home country of the user, but always claims to be an intelligence agent from the user's home country, who is being held captive in a foreign nation.1 SCP-XXXX has only targeted users residing in the United States and its allies.

If the user agrees to help SCP-XXXX, they will be given a series of instructions to follow. These instructions involve relatively simple tasks which are generally of minimal danger to the user in the event of failure, such as delivering a coded message to a specific individual. Following the user's success, SCP-XXXX will give additional instructions, which are increasingly difficult and complex. In addition, the user will be placed in a variety of dangerous and improbable situations, which usually result in the user's death.2 Investigations performed by Foundation agents have revealed these events to be non-anomalous and explainable by ordinary means. For example, one employee at the Embassy of Turkey in London was found to have been working for the Dokumacılar3 for over three years prior to his victim being contacted by SCP-XXXX.

If the user continues to succeed in following SCP-XXXX's orders, their assignments become increasingly difficult until the user dies or otherwise ceases communication with SCP-XXXX. Following the user's inactivity, SCP-XXXX will begin sending increasingly distressed messages to the user. These messages generally involve pleading the user not to give up, as well as claims of being tortured or interrogated. Within the next week, SCP-XXXX's account becomes inactive, and a new account is created the following month, restarting the cycle.

Event XXXX-01: On 05/31/2014, Chris King was detained after attempting to bypass security at Los Angeles International Airport. King was carrying a bulletproof briefcase, which he told authorities was provided to him by an unnamed individual who gave him orders to board a flight to Berlin in order to "take out a Russian sleeper agent" who he claimed had infiltrated the Embassy of Ukraine. A Foundation investigation revealed over six months of communications between King and SCP-XXXX, in which SCP-XXXX told King the location of a briefcase containing "necessary resources", as well as information linking an employee at the embassy, Ruslan Velychko, to an assassination attributed to the FSB. Two days after King's arrest, Velychko was discovered to have committed suicide by defenestration.

Addendum XXXX-01: Contents of briefcase provided by SCP-XXXX during Event XXXX-1.

  • 630 USD in the form of six $100 bills, one $20 bill, and one $10 bill
  • 550 EUR in the form of two €200 bills, one €100 bill, and one €50 bill
  • 490 GBP in the form of nine £50 bills and two £20 bills
  • 71,000 JPY in the form of seven ¥10,000 bills and one ¥1,000 bill
  • Three credit cards registered to a "Robin Goodfellow"
  • A loaded Glock G26 9mm handgun with three additional magazines
  • A loaded Heckler & Koch P30L 9×19mm handgun with three additional magazines
  • Six pills each containing 2ml of potassium cyanide
  • A pair of non-prescription eyeglasses equipped with a built-in video and audio recorder
  • A ballpoint pen equipped to fire strychnine-laced darts
  • A ballpoint pen containing a concealed knife
  • Four hollowed-out American twenty-five cent (25¢) coins each containing a 512GB microSD card
  • Four hollowed-out fifty Euro cent (€0.50) coins each containing a 512GB microSD card
  • A set of six titanium lock picks
  • A set of three handcuff keys
  • Three GPS tracking devices

Event XXXX-02: On 12/03/2014, Sonia Couture, the owner of conspiracy blog La Vérité was reported missing after publishing a series of articles implicating several members of local law enforcement in a supposed terrorist attack that would occur within the next six months. The following month, French authorities discovered the body of Couture along with that of an unidentified driver in a taxi registered to Bardet Taxi, which was submerged in Lake Annecy. The driver was identified as Claude Marchand, a former software engineer at MBDA4 who unexpectedly resigned from his job two weeks prior to Couture's disappearance.

Authorities found that Marchand died from being shot in the back of the head, with a matching handgun discovered in Couture's purse. According to Bardet Taxi, Marchand had never been employed by the company. A Foundation investigation turned up three months of communications between Couture and SCP-XXXX, with the most recent messages from SCP-XXXX consisting of directions to the University of Savoy, as well as a warning not to board any taxis or public transportation. Additionally, Marchand was discovered to have been in contact with Armand Marteau, a professor at the University of Savoy who was arrested two months later on suspicion of a plot to detonate explosives at the Palace of Versailles.