Black Steam
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Entity SCP-XXXX is to be contained in Site 23. If questioned, it is under the guise of being a restricted military compound and no information is to be explained. It will be contained in a 30x30x30 meter enclosure. Interior walls will be lined internally with mirrored glass. The ceiling must mimic the natural transition of time in the desert and be lit accordingly to the time of day on the outside. The exterior walls will be three meter thick concrete and a fence will surround its perimeter. Security personnel will be placed around the perimeter and a sign forbidding civilian entry will discourage trespassing. Should an event occur that a civilian does trespass then refer to breach procedure Shade Theta1. The floor of the enclosure must remain unaffected and left in its natural state as to prevent confusing or angering the entity.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was brought to the Foundation's attention after multiple rural towns around [REDACTED] reported a large amount of disappearances. Initially the disappearances were marked off as an odd coincidence but as the law enforcement searching for the missing individuals began to disappear themselves, the Foundation was contacted through confidential means. Three teams were sent to [REDACTED] and told to comb the area thoroughly. Each team consisted of three class D individuals and █ agents. Instructions were to discover the source of the disappearances and, if at all possible, contain the anomaly until further research could be done to ascertain its abilities or, in the case of a sentient or sapient being, its motives. Of the three teams dispatched, only one returned. Their findings are later classified as SCP-XXXX and their experiences are logged in voice and video files.

Description: The entity is a vaporous mass standing at fifteen meters high and two meters wide and it has no tangible form, although it will act as if can physically interact. At a distance greater than five meters, SCP-XXXX is not visible in any form or by any means, but at five meters it can be seen as a heat distortion rising from the desert ground to match the described height. The distortion will appear to move slowly, giving off the illusion of severe uneven heating but also give away SCP-XXXX's location. At a distance smaller than three meters the heat distortion disappears and is replaced by a black steam that seems to be shooting away from SCP-XXXX at moderate speeds. The black steam seems to serve no purpose but individuals that have been questioned about the entity seem to recall the black steam before the heat distortion and in greater detail, most likely hinting that the appearance of the black steam has a greater impact than something simple like the heat distortion. Physical features can be seen at this distance but this form still cannot be touched, photographed, or recorded by any device. The entity's dimensions are constant but its physical form is more humanoid in appearance. Its eyes glow a dark red shade and its lower jaw droops to its midsection with black, jagged teeth protruding in random directions; its torso appears scarred and its arms reach down to the entity's lower calf; its legs bend at two joints and its feet seem to mix with the black steam; its skin color is pitch black overall with only minor shade deviations. Its movements tend to be slow and appear calculated, SCP-XXXX intentionally avoiding objects though it cannot interact with them regularly.
The creature causes emotional disturbances and its effects can vary depending if its targets (hereafter referred to as the victim or victims when in a dangerous situation) are in groups or alone. These feelings occur if proximity to the entity is at least five hundred meters. So long as distance remains above fifty meters, the effects will not intensify. In a group of three or more, individuals will experience a feeling of distrust and this will become powerful paranoia, possibly causing the group to separate. Should the victim be alone he or she shall feel depressed and this feeling will intensify once within fifty meters. However, upon reaching the minimum distance to view SCP-XXXX, these feelings will disappear rapidly and be replaced by euphoria and a sense of belonging. So long as this minimum distance is maintained these feelings will persist unabated. However, should a victim reach the minimum distance required for the creature’s final form their feeling shall be replaced once again but now by a feeling of sad acceptance of an unknown fate. Regardless of the victim's previous emotional state, victim(s) shall experience the depression upon seeing the creature's final visible form. Only the victim that has entered the minimum distance to see the final form will actually see it with SCP-XXXX‘s appearance varying to distance between any other victims.
At this point many victims will find it difficult to retreat and will feel that escape is impossible. Should the victim manage to run from SCP-XXXX they will find they will hallucinate well above average, coinciding with symptoms similar to that of dehydration, and with many hallucinations will be shadows extending from items that are not normally found in a desert as well as a shadow that changes in length and size that comes from SCP-XXXX according to the distance from the entity. Continuing after effects from seeing SCP-XXXX include the permanent ability to see the entity at any distance so long as line of site is not interrupted. All victims feel the inexplicable urge to remain within a certain area of SCP-XXXX’s roaming area and are no longer able to leave the desert on their own will. Any attempt to forcibly remove a victim from [REDACTED] have led to termination of the individuals that were part of the process and the victim. It is uncertain that these effects are permanent or if they are finite.
Should a victim stay with SCP-XXXX, it will envelop them with its entire body and simply move on, leaving nothing behind to show that a victim was alive prior. There are no victims that have survived this event to date and it is not understood as of yet how it occurs or why SCP-XXXX does this as it seems to lack the physical requirement of any sort of nourishment.
SCP-XXXX cannot be physically touched and cannot grab or physically harm individuals or victims. That being stated, it cannot pass through solid objects and this anomaly has yet to be understood. SCP-XXXX seems to be sapient as it will often stop to observe objects before interacting with them. It shows no signs of being aggressive towards humans other than those that trespass too close to it. This aggression can be avoided if a victim leaves SCP-XXXX quickly after discovering it and can preserve the subject's life so long as they can resist the urge to return to the entity.
There are no possible ways to harm SCP-XXXX but it is possible for the creature to be redirected. Discovered by a civilian whose memory has been officially altered by Dr. ████ after interview, SCP-XXXX appears to dislike seeing its reflection in a mirror and will head the opposite direction of the mirror to avoid it. The entity will not know it is facing a mirror until it is within usual viewing distance of the mirror that would be required to see the creature in its true state. While within its enclosure, those who have had a connection made to the creature via close proximity viewing will be detained and kept on site at the maximum distance allowed away from the entity and be thoroughly questioned. Should the afflicted individual be class-D personnel, termination is an option available after interviewing.

Authorized personnel may access transcripts XXXX-I thru XXXX-IV

Document XXXX-1
Interview with civilian connected with a disappeared individual