The Contagious Brain Tumor

Item #: SCP- 2148

Item Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2148 specimens are to be kept in a sealed glass container. This container it to then be placed in a secure vault. Anyone infected or suspected to be infected with SCP-2148 is to be quarantined immediately. Only level 4 personnel are allowed access to the specimens and it requires two key cards to open. Security cameras are to be placed inside and outside of the vault. All access points are to be monitored by security personnel. Any headaches that are reported within the vicinity of SCP-2148 are to be reported and personnel are to be tested.

Description: SCP-2148 is a brain tumor of anomalous properties. This SCP has the ability to infect people like a virus. It has different stages of infection:

  • Stage 1- Initial infection. There is nothing unnatural about this stage. The subject acts normal, but experiences a slight headache towards the end the stage. Can take up to one week to complete.
  • Stage 2- Subject shows violent tendencies toward humans. The subject will attack anyone in sight and will have to be restrained. Anyone attacked and survives will become infected. This lasts for one day and the subject then becomes docile. Infection only occurs if the skin is pierced by the infected individual's teeth.
  • Stage 3- A tumor begins to grow inside the subjects brain. The subject will experience a headache and become delusional at this point. D-39728 brought this to light through her detailed journal of the whole experience of stage 3. Stage 3 last from 1-2 weeks depending on the subject.
  • Stage 4- This stage is fatal in all of those infected. In this stage, the tumor has finished growing in the subjects brain. It will then cause head of the subject to explode. The subject will also experience intense pain in their head before death. Anyone hit can be saved from being infected if quarantine procedures are taken and subject does not touch their eyes or mouth. Any open wounds will cause SCP-2148 to get into the subject’s system. This stage takes a few minutes to an hour.

This disease is highly contagious and dangerous. It must maintain the highest of secrecy in order to prevent mass panic. Because of how subtle the symptoms are, those who show even remote signs of being infected with SCP-2148 will be quarantined until further notice. There is no known vaccine or cure for this disease. It can only be treated by removing the tumor frequently. This does not cure the victim, but it forces SCP-2148 to restart stage 3. The only known method of halting the disease is termination of infected individuals before the disease progresses.

This SCP was brought to the foundation’s attention when the head of a patient at [REDACTED] Asylum exploded. Foundation personnel tracked down anyone the patient attacked and those they attacked. Any instances of a person attacking people and showing signs of insanity afterward are to be captured and studied in hopes to find a cure.

Because this is disease acts much like a cancer, it will be difficult to create a vaccine. The Foundation is currently working with the CDC to develop a vaccine for this. There is an unknown amount of specimens not under containment, but currently in low quantities that still pose a threat to small towns and the outskirts of cities. It is still unknown about the full extent of how it infects others. Until the threat level increases, SCP-2148's class will remain Euclid.

Addendum #1: SCP-2148 had recently been discovered to be able to transfer to certain animals with no ill effects on the animals that are infected. All infected animals are to be tracked and terminated if they come too close to human civilization. The number of infected animals is currently very low. SCP-2148 seems to target only humans and uses animals as a carrier.

Addendum #2: The first mass outbreak of SCP-2148 occurred in [REDACTED], Montana. It started with a report of a dog attacking an adolescent, infecting it. One week later, the adolescent infected its family and in turn, the family attacked their friends and neighbors. The small town was quickly infected within the month. The CDC brought this outbreak to Foundation attention. Foundation personnel stepped in and took control over the situation. It took three weeks for SCP-2148 to run its course. During that time, Foundation scientists studied how the disease worked and how it affected other people.