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Item #: SCP-XXXX


SCP X moments before containment breach

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP X is to be contained in a flame retardant chamber. Smoke detectors and fire suppression systems are to be installed in the the roof of the cell, room temperature is to be kept below 10° Celsius and humidity is to be kept at least 50%. Should the detectors be triggered or the SCP-XXXX attempt to breach containment, assigned security personnel equipped with high-pressure hoses and fire suppression bombs are to force the subject back into containment.

Description: SCP X is a humanoid in scorched fatigues similar to those worn by American Marines during the Pacific Islands campaign. SCP X wears a heavily damaged gas mask and punctured flamethrower tanks, both of which appear to have fused to its skin. Approximately 87% of SCP X's skin has been subjected to third-degree burns, yet both the remaining tissue and uniform appear to be fireproof. SCP X's internal body temperature is consistently above 60° Celsius. It is armed with what appears to be a standard issue M2-2 flamethrower. Whereas the M2-2 is traditionally designed to use gasoline, SCP X's releases a chemical compound similar in composition to napalm that burns at an average of 1600° Celsius. The words "Love Tess" are scratched onto the foregrip of the weapon. Attempts to disarm SCP X have failed (see Recovery Log).

SCP X is generally docile and will not react to stimuli. If left alone, it will sit in a corner and remain there until forced to move.

Certain images, sounds, or smells have been known to agitate SCP X. Gunfire, open flames, cooking meat, and screams are the most notable triggers. This shift makes SCP X hostile and extremely dangerous. When agitated, SCP X will begin laughing and coughing uncontrollably as it spontaneously combusts. After a few minutes of this "warning" phase, it will attempt to breach containment and proceed to attack seemingly random personnel. There has been no correlation found for who it targets and who it ignores. SCP X will become docile if it is unable to find a suitable target for an extended period of time, although how long this takes is inconsistent as well, with agitated states lasting anywhere from ██ minutes to █ days without finding a target.

Despite the damage that SCP X can theoretically inflict with it's weaponry and breaching █ times with ██ casualties, only █ deaths can be attributed to SCP X. The vast majority of its victims survive, albeit having received massive injuries and acute pyrophobia. It is currently unknown if pyrophobia is an anomalous side effect of SCP X's attacks or a natural reaction to such an event.

Incident X-█: Chaos insurgents attacked Site █ while SCP X was temporarily contained there. Insurgents agitated SCP X whilst releasing several Euclid SCPs, which immediately breached containment without the typical warning period. SCP X proceeded to move through Site █ and terminate Insurgent forces. SCP X appeared to actively defend non-combatant personnel from insurgents during this period, rapidly securing sections of the facility where unarmed staff were present. After the facility was secured, SCP X entered it's docile state, and was returned to it's containment without incident. The only Foundation casualty on behalf of SCP X was Agent █████. Agent █████ was incinerated by SCP X after terminating several escaped D-class personnel.