The Weight of Water : Part 2 - "Trust In Silence"
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Raw Copy. For viewing of authorised members of O5 only.


[Recorded 20th March 2017. Audio transcript.]

(00:00:06) Dr. Carter: "Have you heard what Rachael has been saying?"

(00:00:10) Dr. Wright: "About the relief teams not coming for us?"

(00:00:15) Dr. Carter: "Yeah, do you think-"

(00:00:19) Dr. Wright: "She's just scared. We all are. Ignore it, we just have to get to administration and see if we can get comms up and running again."


(00:01:18) Dr. Wright: "No point. There's no way we can use a crowbar against this, even a reinforced one at that."

(00:00:59) Dr. Carter: "But you're the site field technician, right?"

(00:01:03) Dr. Wright: "Technician… not engineer. The bulkheads use magnetic locks - they're the real problem. We'll have to demagnetise the inner-lock, or maybe just break the vacuum around it. A cobalt drill might be able to reach that far, but even then we'd still have to cut through the supports and hinges. Carbon-steel is a menacing opponent, especially when every saw you use burns-up almost instantly."

(00:01:31) Dr. Carter: "Well if we had enough leverage-"

(00:01:34) Dr. Wright: "Then we'd tear through the wall before the door. The force of leverage has to also be directed into something tougher than what you're trying to lever… you said the focused laser?"

(00:01:39) Dr. Carter: "Richard nearly burnt his arm off trying to get through. It created a reflective surface when it broke into the first layer of aluminium."


(00:01:45) Dr. Wright: "Christ- you'd of thought they'd of given us something to tear our way out of here with. Instead we're left with broken machinery and- [laughs] I'm getting close to thinking of making some kind of explosive just to break open the hinges."

(00:01:49) Dr. Carter: "Ryan, why are we trying to crack the hinges before we unseal it? I mean… [laughs] I- I know what pressure does when you try to equalise it-"

(00:01:56) Dr. Wright: "It's not actually sealed; it just looks it. See here-"


(00:02:00) Dr. Carter: "Yeah. So the magnetic-"

(00:02:04) Dr. Wright: "So the magnetic rings aren't actually touching. There's a magnetised contractible ring around the whole of the door and the whole of the doorframe. If it was sealed, they'd have locked together, but they haven't. What's strange, is that they should be, but the entire seal has already been de-magnetised. All we need to cut through is the lock, the hinges and the supports."

(00:02:29) Dr. Carter: "Why? Why's that?

(00:02:34) Dr. Wright: "I couldn't tell you why for the life of me. I can only presume that the bulkhead hasn't been electrically-grounded. That means when the main power went out and the backup came on a fault caused some kind of electromagnetic shock throughout the whole facility. Like an explosion. Like someone just set-off a nuclear warhead five miles away."


(00:03:29) Dr. Wright: "We still need to find something that can cut the hinges and the supports. There's a carbide saw somewhere, right?"

(00:03:35) Dr. Carter: "Here- [movement]. I used to use this when I was cutting through the water pipes."


(00:03:43) Dr. Wright: "I think I read somewhere that this re-directs the heat, right?"

(00:03:45) Dr. Carter: "Yeah. Be careful, and cover your eyes with something if you still want them. You're cutting carbon-steel - it's going to be a spark shower the moment they make contact."

(00:03:51) Dr. Wright: "Alright. I'll cut from the base up."

[Metallic grinding][saw stops].

(00:04:39) Dr. Wright: "No use. We should try using it on the supports. The hinges just give-off superheated metal, but I think that's more from the saw itself. Maybe repeated abrasion might work on the hinges. Michael, pass the-"

(00:04:45) Dr. Carter: "Did you just-"


(00:04:51) Dr. Wright: "What?"

(00:04:56) Dr. Carter: "Did… did you hear that?"

(00:05:07) Dr. Wright: "Yeah, it's loud, I know. Cover your ears next time-"

(00:05:13) Dr. Carter: "No. No, not that, no."


(00:05:17) Dr. Wright: "What? Michael?"


(00:05:28) Dr. Wright: "What? What is it? Stop looking at me like that."

(00:05:34) Dr. Carter: "Did you hear them? Tell me you heard them?"

(00:05:39) Dr. Wright: "No, no- what? Who, hear what?"

(00:05:45) Dr. Carter: "I… [pause] Christ… I thought I just heard someone screaming over there."


(00:05:51) Dr. Wright: "Jesus Christ- Michael- it's the sound of the saw-"

(00:06:03) Dr. Carter: "Ryan… I heard someone."


(00:06:16) Dr. Wright: "This isn't funny Michael."

(00:06:20) Dr. Carter: "I'm not screwing around."


(00:06:26) Dr. Wright: "Michael- what are you-"

[Dr. Carter begins to call out.]

(00:06:30) Dr. Carter: "[Loud] hello? [Pause.] Hello? Is there anybody over there?"

(00:06:35) Dr. Wright: "For Christ's sake! You're going to scare the shit out of everyone!"

[Dr. Carter continues to call.]

(00:06:42) Dr. Carter: "[Loud] we're over here! I- [pause] …if there's anyone over there then we're through this-"

(00:06:51) Dr. Wright: "Michael- Michael- stop. It's just the sound of the saw. You know what Stephan keeps on saying. You should probably go and find him, I'll come too. [Pause.] He'll have some questions, no doubt."

[END EXTRACT 00:06:26]

Censored Copy. Official no longer available, redacted 27/03/17.


[Recorded 21st March 2017. Audio transcript.]

(00:00:04) Dr. Ross: "We have to consider all our options."

(00:00:06) Dr. Shaw: "What are you saying? There are none."

(00:00:09) Dr. Ellis: "We still haven't tried the East Sector."

(00:00:12) Dr. Wright: "Last time we checked the East Sector it was cut-off by a flood. We go back round through the maintenance tunnels then we'll be risking it. There's too much rubble all over the place, we'll lose our arms and legs trying to get through; and we don't know what else is down there. We closed-off the North Sector ourselves following the damage to the hull. If we flood the West Sector then we'll have no way out."

(00:00:15) Dr. Ross: "The hull is still straining; we may have no choice."

(00:00:17) Dr. Wright: "We always have a choice. There's no way we can keep flooding sectors just to re-bound the hull integrity. We're running out of places to flood."

(00:00:25) Dr. Ellis: "And what about the people in there as well? Are we just going to let them starve- or drown?"


(00:00:28) Dr. Carter: "Didn't you hear them?"


(00:00:33) Dr. Carter: "There was screaming; from the other side."

(00:00:36) Dr. Ross: "Michael, there's nobody over there."

(00:00:39) Dr. Ellis: "Sir, we don't know that."

(00:00:43) Dr. Ross: "We do. I'm telling you there's nobody over there. Nobody works in the East Sector - it's been closed-down for years. Nobody else is alive in the site. The resonance killed them."

(00:00:46) Dr. Wright: "But it goes down into the maintenance tunnels, doesn't it? What's to say people got caught on the other side of the collapse and moved into the East Sector?

(00:00:49) Dr. Ross: "When the maintenance tunnels collapsed nobody was on the other side. Nobody was down there. Nobody is, or will go down there until the relief teams arrive."

(00:00:52) Dr. Ellis: "What if they don't? What if… what if they didn't hear our distress call?"


(00:00:59) Dr. Carter: "There are people over there."

(00:01:03) Dr. Ross: "Michael, we, err, we don't contain anything on this site - you know that. Nothing is- nothing is out there."

(00:01:08) Dr. Carter: "Then why's the site here? [REDACTED] it doesn't make any sense- why's a site at the ocean floor if [REDACTED]."


(00:01:15) Dr. Ross: "You can't hear anything through sealed bulkheads. You're hearing things."

(00:01:19) Dr. Carter: "I know what I heard, sir."

(00:01:24) Dr. Wright: "Actually, Stephan, the bulkheads to the East Sector aren't sealed. They're just sort of… closed."


(00:01:45) Dr. Ellis: "We can't be all that's left."

(00:01:58) Dr. Ross: "We are, Rachael, we survived the hull collapse, we are the only ones left; but we won't be if this continues. We wait until the relief teams arrive. We need to save those we know are alive; us, not those who are almost certain to be dead. I don't want to see it, especially in an effort to recover the dead - with little account for those who are still living."

(00:02:45) Dr. Carter: "Fucking respect for the dead… they're not dead."

(00:02:53) Dr. Ross: "There was nobody over there to begin with. You weren't hearing any sounds. Please Michael, have trust in the silence."

(00:03:04) Dr. Carter: "You're just turning away from it… you're just turning away and covering your ears."

[END EXTRACT 00:02:57]

Censored Copy. Official no longer available, redacted 27/03/17.

[Foreword]: An indefinite period of time has seemingly passed, and since then alternate methods to open the door have proven ineffective as far as these transcripts show.

[START EXTRACT 00:08:27]

[Recorded 22nd March 2017. Audio transcript.]

(00:08:28) Dr. Ross: "Whoa- whoa stop, the bit is burning-up. I said cobalt, not invincible. Let's hope that made it through."

(00:08:36) Dr. Wright: "It will have if you can hear the hissing of the seal breaking. I can't hear anything."


(00:08:42) Dr. Wright: "I think- maybe- another drill should do it-"

(00:08:46) Dr. Ross: "Wait- "

(00:08:48) Dr. Wright: "What?"


(00:08:57) Dr. Ross: "Just- don't move, alright? Don't [REDACTED]."

(00:09:02) Dr. Wright: "I don't-"

(00:09:03) Dr. Ross: "Please- just stay quiet…"


(00:09:09) Dr. Wright: "Are those- [breathing] …footsteps?"

(00:09:13) Dr. Ross: "[Quiet] I won't tell you again."

[Pause.][Faint scratching sound.]

(00:09:17) Dr. Ross: "[Quiet] don't… move.

(00:09:25) Dr. Wright: "[Quiet] Is that… [REDACTED] coming from the other side?"


(00:09:31) Dr. Ross: "[REDACTED]."


(00:09:48) Dr. Wright: "[Quiet] I don't… listening? What is- what-"

[Sudden slamming sound from other side.]

(00:09:57) Dr. Wright: "Shit- shit- what the fuck was-"

[END EXTRACT 00:10:40]

Censored Copy. Official no longer available, redacted 27/03/17.

[Foreword]: Recovered part of a crew manifest.

Director Scott Bradford, Site Director; Administration; K.I.A - Barotrauma
Dr. Neil Hayward, Communications Technician; Maintenance; M.I.A
Dr. Chris Miller: Exterior Engineer, Hull Technician; Maintenance; K.I.A - Barotrauma
Dr. Elizabeth Green: Mineral Geologist; Examination; K.I.A - Blunt trauma
Dr. Elias Shaw: Biochemist; Research; M.I.A
Dr. Rachael Ellis: Practitioner, Physician; Medication; M.I.A
Dr. Daniel Cliff: Healthcare Advisor; Medication; K.I.A - Barotrauma
Dr. Richard Foster: Communications Technician; Maintenance; M.I.A
Dr. Stephan Ross: [REDACTED] A.W.O.L

Censored Copy. Official no longer available, redacted 27/03/17.

[SKIP TO EXTRACT 02:13:14]

[Recorded 23rd March 2017. Visual recording.]

[Visual footage]: Camera is situated on ground level, and focuses on the view a large metal bulkhead ahead. Parts of the lock and supports have been prised or cut-off, and several deep holes bore into the welded hinges. Dr. Wright, Dr. Ellis, Dr. Ross, Dr. Shaw and Dr. Foster are visible or audible. Dr. Wright and Dr. Shaw are handling a chemical substance identifiable from the white capped-container. Dr. Ross is standing to the right, resting on the rotating-handle of the door and holding a large steel crowbar.

(02:13:15) Dr. Wright: "We're sure it should work."

(02:13:19) Dr. Ellis: "You said should."

(02:13:22) Dr. Wright: "Don't focus on the details. Elias is the chemist, anyway."

(02:13:28) Dr. Shaw: "It's not as lethal as people make it out to be."

(02:13:32) Dr. Ellis: "As, lethal?"

(02:13:36) Dr. Ross: "Stop scaring her, Elias. We've been through hell."

(02:13:41) Dr. Shaw: "No, really. Just a simple thermite reaction, although this is actually a metastable thermite. Ryan, you'll know about MICs."

[Visual footage]: Dr. Shaw is seen in the background introducing small quantities of a powder into each of the eight drill holes. He then picks up a white container full of petroleum and empties the contents into the surrounding area, before turning to face those standing behind him.

(02:13:59) Dr. Shaw: "We tried using the drill but the problem was it didn't correctly puncture the seal, although it's done half the work already. Several kilos of thermite should probably manage to finish-off the rest. There's some propellant I found back in the South Sector all over the place to help it light so just don't step on it. Because of the small space, there's a chance it may kind of… spray out, with the sudden jump in pressure."

[Visual footage]: Dr. Shaw throws an ignited lighter into the liquid, which immediately sets alight.

(02:14:11) Dr. Shaw: "It should take a moment to catch."

[Visual footage]: Dr. Ross notices the camera lying on the ground and lifts it away from the fire. The reaction quickly develops as quantities of thermite begin to ignite. Within moments, a blinding light covers the footage.

(02:14:56) Dr. Wright: "Seems like it's going for it. How long does the reaction take?"

(02:15:20) Dr. Shaw: "Going through carbon-steel composite? I have no clue. Should only be a minute."

(02:15:31) Dr. Ellis: "You're saying should again. Stop saying should."

[Visual footage]: Dr. Ross is inaudible, speaking to Dr. Wright and standing away from the rest of the group. Dr. Ross does not remove his line of sight from the bulkhead. Dr. Wright begins to look more concerned, but hides his emotions.

(02:15:44) Dr. Shaw: "[Laughs]. Careful Rachael, or else you might suddenly explode."

[Visual footage]: The blinding light begins to dim and Dr. Shaw approaches the door, striking a crowbar between the small opening. Dr. Ross holds the apparent shape of a small firearm beneath his clothing, and stares unmoving at the opening. Dr. Shaw levers the crowbar, and after a loud creaking, the lock releases and the bulkhead opens with grinding hinges. Ahead, nothing is visible through the dark. Dr. Shaw enters through the doorway, and is passed a flashlight.

(02:16:55) Dr. Shaw: "We're in the old server room, I think. I haven't seen this place in years. No idea where we're supposed to go from here."

(02:16:57) Dr. Wright: "I used to know my way around that place. Control said I had to keep checking on the old backup systems in case of a full power outage, although I don't think I ever saw them complete a full diagnostic without some kind of failure. The new systems just can't communicate with the old ones."

(02:17:00) Dr. Shaw: "Some of the data banks have fallen over, like they've been pushed. It's all dark, yeah, the light's are out. I can't see anybody."

(02:17:04) Dr. Wright: "Those data banks are heavy. I don't think anybody could push them over. The storm must have racked-through this place much worse than how it was on our side."

(02:17:08) Dr. Ellis: "Our side flooded. Twice."

(02:17:12) Dr. Shaw: "No, he's right. This place is a mess. [REDACTED]. Something bad happened here."

(02:17:08) Dr. Ross: "Careful. You don't know how the structure is over there. Keep a bit of caution for all our sakes."

[Visual footage]: Dr. Shaw turns to face the inner-side of the bulkhead, just revealed.

(02:17:12) Dr. Ross: "What is it?"

(02:17:16) Dr. Shaw: "There's- [REDACTED]- all over the inside of the door, on the metal."


(02:17:23) Dr. Ross: "[REDACTED]?"

(02:17:25) Dr. Shaw: "[REDACTED], yeah, like someone's been scratching at it with their nails- it's [REDACTED] all over- I can't read it in this light… Christ that's messed-up."

(02:17:30) Dr. Ellis: "Let me see."

[Visual footage]: Dr. Ross grabs Dr. Ellis by the arm.

(02:17:33) Dr. Ross: "No… no I don't think you should. Elias… you should- you should come back."

(02:17:38) Dr. Shaw: "What?"

(02:17:45) Dr. Ross: "You should come back over hear, Elias."

(02:17:49) Dr. Wright: "Listen to him."


(02:17:57) Dr. Shaw: "What- I- I don't get what you mean? We've just managed to finally get the door open- you said relief teams [REDACTED]- where are they? It's like there's [REDACTED], everything is knocked-over and torn apart. Why should I come back-"

(02:18:04) Dr. Wright: "Just- just come back over here, Elias. Just listen to us."

(02:18:17) Dr. Ellis: "How can you see anything over there?"

(02:18:25) Dr. Shaw: "I can't really… but the state of this door… it looks nasty, someone must have been over here. Michael may have been right. Someone may have been over here and heard the drilling."

(02:18:29) Dr. Ross: "I really think you should step out of there, Elias. Just- just come back over here, will you?"

(02:18:31) Dr. Shaw: "[Pause]. Sir, why?"


(02:18:34) Dr. Ellis: "Why's the door been [REDACTED]?"

(02:18:40) Dr. Foster: "Michael said- said he heard screaming- over there? What happened?"

(02:18:42) Dr. Ross: "Elias, step out of there. I'm locking the door. Nobody will go near here or back over there until I find us a route to administration. None of us know our way round here in the dark. We're going to get lost. There were no people over here. Those are the marks of the bent and fissured carbon-steel after we put the drill through it eight times, nothing else."

(02:18:55) Dr. Shaw: "That doesn't explain it. How the hell does the drill tear this door to shit? Those aren't fissures, [REDACTED] someone's been scratching at it."

(02:18:59) Dr. Ellis: "Wouldn't we of heard them?"

(02:19:03) Dr. Carter: "We did."

[Visual footage]: Dr. Ross takes the crowbar from Dr. Shaw and pulls Dr. Wright with him down the corridor and out of audible range from the rest of the group.

(02:20:17) Dr. Wright: "What the fuck was that?! Hey?"

(02:20:21) Dr. Ross: "It heard us the other day, and I need to make that clear. It knows that we're [REDACTED]. It knows about us. God help you Ryan but I need you to trust me. People will think that I'm mad but I need you to know that I'm not. I need you to trust me. If you see anybody go over there without asking, you take this-"

[Visual footage]: Dr. Ross places a small firearm into the hands of Dr. Wright.

(02:20:25) Dr. Ross: "-and kill them."

(02:20:31) Dr. Wright: "Christ… [Pause]. Is that… necessary?"

(02:20:37) Dr. Ross: "It found [REDACTED]… but what was I expecting? It was only a matter of time with the drilling. My god… if only we hadn't been so loud…"

(02:20:45) Dr. Wright: "Where is it now?"

(00:20:50) Dr. Ross: Following us. Probably nearby. It may already found a way in. I had just hoped that it had died in the collapse with everything else. I- I don't know how it works, if only I had more time… but I can only say that it preys on [REDACTED], and the people who expect it. You can't warn them - it will take a few but not all. You have to understand that this is for the right reasons. People get so scared when they know they're about to die. We have no other choice. All it takes is to stop and listen. If it's silent, then don't trust that you're alone. Don't trust the silence, Ryan. You hear me? I don't understand enough about it. We don't have enough time."

(02:20:51) Dr. Wright: "Stephan, what are you saying?"

(02:20:56) Dr. Ross: "They tried to hide it from us, Ryan. We're all going to drown, it's just a matter of time. It's the way they want it."

(02:20:59) Dr. Wright: "What- Christ- I don't understand."

(02:21:04) Dr. Ross: "I'm sorry, Ryan, I really am; but I can't let you use this until I'm finished with it."

[Visual footage]: Dr. Ross takes the hand firearm back from Dr. Wright, raises it to his head, and pulls the trigger.

[END EXTRACT 02:21:12]