The Weight of Water : Part 1 - "Do Not Go Gentle"
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Censored Copy. Official no longer available, redacted 27/03/17.

Personnel involved in the occurrence in Site-128 on 18/03/17 have been deemed no longer members of the Foundation. Do not sympathise with any character(s) in this documentation. Many of your colleagues and administrators have died due to their ignorance.

The Site-128 Massacre was not a tragedy; it was treason.

All further investigations have been closed as of 27/03/17.

Raw Copy. For viewing of authorised members of O5 only.

The so-called 'Site-128 Massacre' and its influence have so far been erased from existence. Very few members of the Foundation fully understand the events leading up to it, and even fewer place trust in the decision made by our previous Council.

We remind you that the decision we made regarding Containment-Site-128 was for the safety and integrity of the entire Foundation. It is only in recent events that the recordings and transcripts reproduced for us now have stirred controversy, and offer a violent insight into the events preceding the disaster.

We will not clear their names, and we will not bury their bodies. They died for the sake of secrecy, and we will always thank them and hate them for it.

Censored Copy. Official no longer available, redacted 20/03/17.

[Foreword]: The following extract took place on the 18/03/17, between 2.31 - 2.42 am (GMT), while specialised personnel Dr. Chris Miller, Dr. Henry Harper, Dr. Lewis Fisher and Dr. Catherine Reed performed routine exterior-maintenance tasks; including minor repairs to the hull of Site-128. Personnel were suited with Type-3 DP-Vessels - atmospheric-isolation exoskeletons, fitted with electromagnets on the sole of the foot so that crew members are able to lock-onto the hull of Site-128, and effectively 'walk' across the roof of Site-128.

Dr. Harper lead the operation, as the Exterior Site Structural Advisor. The log follows Dr. Miller (Primary Exterior Engineer), fitted with a fixed-view (non-orbital) head camera.

[SKIP TO EXTRACT 00:18:27]

[Visual footage]: Camera adjusts focus to reveal the exterior of Site-128, a complex of divided cylindrical walkways spread-out across a 400m stretch. Footage quality is poor. Environment is exceptionally dark at 2100m below sea-level, but rotating flood lights briefly illuminate sections of the complex. Sand and grit appear to be covering almost all objects and noticeably present following a strong deep-ocean current.

Footage angle turns to witness a large object approximately 6 metres away hurl past and out of view. Dr. Miller is audible, breathing heavily.

(00:18:29) Dr. Miller: "Reports of… yeah I can see early debris heading right towards us."

(00:18:34) Site-128 Actual: "Confirmed."

(00:18:37) Dr. Miller: "And, err… more dust clouding… it’s getting harder to see now. We should reach total darkness any second."

(00:18:45) Site-128 Actual: "Forecasts suggest so. It’s the fresh debris, less clumped and compact than before it hit the trench. You’re a minute from the blackout zone."

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller looks up into the darkness. A strong current appears to be dragging substantial quantities of sand, pelagic sediment1 and rogue debris with it. Dr. Miller braces as another wave of current passes over.

(00:18:57) Dr. Miller: "What will it be like?"

(00:19:02) Site-128 Actual: “It’ll be like the worst sandstorm in recorded history.”

(00:19:09) Dr. Miller: "Sandstorm?"

[Visual footage]: Camera turns to observe several debris objects tear past the hull fifteen metres away. Dr. Miller, standing on a cylindrical walkway of Site-128, braces as the structure violently shudders.

(00:19:21) Dr. Miller: "Hey, err, Actual, are you hinting that we should come back in now?"

(00:19:28) Site-128 Actual: "That would be wise."

(00:19:31) Dr. Miller: "Alright, we’re finishing up."

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller is seen operating the final stages of a diagnostic check on an exterior-fitted heatsink2. Most of the cabling is still unprotected and contents disassembled. Dr. Miller disconnects the wiring and shifts the covering-panel back over.

(00:19:33) Site-128 Actual: "Err, negative Exterior. I mean now."

(00:19:39) Dr. Miller: "Give me a minute. The covering is still loose. You said we're not long from the blackout zone?"

(00:19:47) Site-128 Actual: "Affirmative Miller. The storm has diverged into multiple stages since it passed over the Romanche-"

(00:19:56) Dr. Miller: "The trench?"

(00:20:02) Site-128 Actual: "Correct. The main debris cloud from the satellite-array has diverted in trajectory. The storm is generating a chain-reaction of debris. Estimated ETA 2 minutes."

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller clocks the timer around his wrist to 2 minutes. The structure below him continues to shudder. Large quantities of black sand are apparent travelling in the strong current, obscuring most vision.

(00:20:06) Dr. Reed: "It's getting harder to see out here… how long until the blackout zone?"

(00:20:12) Site-128 Actual: Err… how far is your visual stretch?

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller brushes the dust off his visor and pauses to turn towards Dr. Reed.

(00:20:18) Dr. Reed: "I- I can't see through my visor clearly. Not far, maybe three feet?"

(00:20:24) Site-128 Actual: "Get moving fast. Blackout zone should be here in a matter of seconds. 2-3, 2-2, we've got Site-128 in distress. Crush zone ETA 3 minutes-"

(00:20:30) Dr. Miller: "This thing has a crush zone?"

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller unclips his tether and is pulled to his feet from behind.

(00:20:34) Dr. Harper: "Miller, forget it! We have to get back inside!"

[Visual footage]: Large objects travelling at extreme velocities are frequent in the background. Part of the communications-array is visible, before shattering and disappearing after being struck repeatedly by rogue debris.

As Harper pulls Miller to his feet, an unseen object collides with the structure below them, and knocks them to the ground. The electromagnets on Dr. Miller's suit appear to be non-functional, and he slides down the cylindrical edge of the structure being pulled by the current, but is caught by Harper just as another wave passes over, dragging torrents of sand with it.

(00:20:41) Site-128 Actual: "Main storm-front is estimated to reach 400 atm in the next 3 minutes-"

(00:20:53) Dr. Harper: "Chris! Get your fucking tether! Move! Move!"

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller turns to retrieve his flashlight. A flying object passes within 2 metres ahead of him.

(00:21:05) Dr. Harper: "What the fuck are you doing?!"

(00:21:07) Site-128 Actual: "Debris cloud suspected to be travelling at a movement speed nearing mach 1-"

[Visual footage]: Camera turns to face an entirely-downed communications array from moments earlier. Metallic objects presumed to be hull-covering3 are present in the debris mass.

(00:21:13) Site-128 Actual: "Current speed… unprecedented. Hull integrity dropping rapidly and aborts from 2-2 and 2-3, we've lost 2-4 and LOS with sites 129 and 130-"

(00:21:17) Dr. Miller: "Crush zone? Atm?"

(00:21:20) Site-128 Actual: "450, that's 45.6 million pascals. Gives about 2 minutes until your suits will collapse."

(00:02:25) Dr. Miller: "That's impossible. There's no way this storm could generate that much pressure."

(00:21:27) Dr. Harper: "Confirmed. Yeah, pressure is mounting. Exterior structure seems to be mobile. Chris is untethered. I repeat, we've lost the jackstay line."

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller turns to look below at the jutting structure he is standing on. Repeated hammering sounds can be heard from below as metallic objects continue to strike the hull.

(00:21:31) Site-128 Actual: "Confirm, exterior structures are moving?"

(00:21:33) Dr. Harper: "Confirmed. Parts of the hull are breaking-off in from of me. Chris, stay with me."

(00:21:37) Dr. Miller: "Blackout zone is nearly here. With what seems… yeah, heavy debris, metallic origin; not just rock and seabed… parts of- shit- [breathing] are those… are those parts of the Site-129 hull?"

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller stops as Harper attempts to keep him moving towards the main-entrance airlock.

(00:21:42) Site-128 Actual: "Do you have a confirmed visual?"

(00:21:45) Dr. Miller: "Confirmed. I have a visual of rouge and heavy debris objects at 12 o’clock. Whatever happened to Site-129 parts of it are going past me right now. What’s the reading on the storm?"

(00:21:49) Site-128 Actual: "Just what you said. The main cloud should be arriving… ETA 2 minutes. Screw the blackout zone. You hit that crush zone, it'll be the last thing you'll hear before the pressure kills you - there isn't enough time to drown all the way down here. All exterior personnel, beware, rouge and heavy debris is converging on your location from the South-East."

(00:21:55) Dr. Harper: "Confirmed."

(00:21:56) Dr. Reed: "Actual- [breathing] I'm here. Unseal the outer-lock. I'm prepping the electromagnetics on the inner-airlock."

[Visual footage]: Flood lights indicating the airlock opening sequence cut-out simultaneously. Dr. Miller and Dr. Harper hold their flashlights in front of them.

(00:21:59) Site-128 Actual: "That just killed the main power."

(00:22:01) Dr. Reed: "Airlock unsealed- the magnetics are offline. Seems like something's triggered [REDACTED] electromagnetic shock over the whole place. I… [pause] …the electromagnets on my suit are dead as well."

(00:22:03) Site-128 Actual: Confirmed. You must be near the blackout zone, very near. In a few seconds everything may turn from bare visibility to total darkness. Beware large debris objects from your 12 o'clock."

(00:22:06) Dr. Harper: "Hey, it’s not like we can see it or anything!"

(00:22:07) Site-128 Actual: "If this stuff hits you - you’re dead. It’s making large dents in the hull right in front of me."

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller and Dr. Harper head towards the main entrance airlock. Dr. Reed is struggling to operate the manual airlock, with automatic functions lost due to the downed electricity.

(00:22:12) Site-128 Actual: "I'm out on almost all channels. LOS with surface, LOS with control, LOS with Site-129 and- there's too much dust everywhere- it's blocking-out radar- [pause] I'm- I'm getting a rogue source of ionised radiation [REDACTED]. I've lost tracking on the storm-"

(00:22:14) Dr. Harper: "[REDACTED]. My air tanks are over-releasing. Something's messing with my vitals."

(00:22:15) Dr. Reed: "The main gate is jammed from all the fucking sand! I can't get it open with the pressure! We'll have to break the hinges off it!"

(00:22:18) Site-128 Actual: "We’ve lost contact with all other sites. A communications blackout has occurred. Expect a blackout on this channel any second."

(00:22:23) Dr. Miller: "Actual- [breathing] I can't see anything. What's making that noise on the hull? It's shaking-"

(00:22:27) Site-128 Actual: "Lumps of rock, shards of metal the size of nails- what once was part of Site-129 is now shrapnel. You're less than a minute from the crush zone."

(00:22:24) Dr. Reed: "Miller- [breathing] you're still out there?! Where are you?! I can't see anything! The gate is open but it's got an automatic closure- you need to get here fast!"

(00:22:27) Site-128 Actual: "A communication blackout has occurred. Expect a blackout on this channel any second."

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller waves repeatedly at Dr. Reed standing near the entrance airlock, although it appears she is unable to see his attempts to indicate his position through the torrential flow of sand and dust.

(00:22:29) Dr. Miller: "I'm with Henry! We're coming across the roof of the facility now!"

[Visual footage]: Dr. Harper pulls Dr. Miller in front of him.

(00:22:31) Dr. Harper: "Chris, [breathing] get to the airlock! I'm not leaving without Lewis!"

[Visual footage:] Dr. Harper turns away, heading in the opposite direction.

(00:22:34) Dr. Miller: "What are you doing? He's not behind us!"

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller grabs Dr. Harper as a large debris object passes in front of them.

(00:22:38) Dr. Miller: "He wasn't on exterior-maintenance for the East wing! He'd been assigned to the repairs on the communications array!"

[Visual footage]: Both Dr. Miller and Dr. Harper stop and turn towards the dark facade of the ruined communication array. Debris objects hurl past them continually, striking the hull and generating a continual thudding and tearing.

(00:22:41) Dr. Harper: "Then where is he, hey?!"

(00:22:43) Dr. Miller: "I don't know- maybe inside-"

(00:22:45) Dr. Reed: "Chris, he isn't inside- [pause] …I've lost communication with his suit… he must be too far for the radio to pick-up any signal."

(00:22:48) Dr. Harper: "Where the hell is he?!"

(00:22:50) Dr. Miller: "Henry- our suits are damaged [REDACTED] must've been when the power went out. You're oxygen tank is overcompensating-"

(00:22:52) Dr. Harper: "For Christ's sake- where is he? I can't- [breathing] I can't see you- [breathing] I'm going fucking blind-"

[Visual footage]: Dr. Harper appears disorientated and losing balance, and turns to look behind him, however nothing is visible through the storm except the thick cloud of sediment and brief flickering of passing debris.

(00:22:54) Dr. Miller: "Catherine- it's oxygen intoxication4 or something- I- he's losing consciousness. He can't see anything, [breathing] and he's shaking- some kind of twitching convulsion and- shit- shit this is not the right time! Lewis is somewhere out there still!"

(00:22:55) Dr. Reed: "I'm at the airlock and he's not here. Lewis is dead, Chris. He's dead."

(00:22:56) Dr. Miller: "Henry, listen to me- alright? You don't think-"

(00:22:59) Dr. Harper: "Of course I fucking think that- [breathing] he's dead, isn't he?! He's fucking dead! We're all fucking-"

[Visual footage]: Dr. Harper standing three metres from Dr. Miller is suddenly struck by rogue debris, and thrown-off the structure out of visual range.

(00:23:08) Dr. Miller: "Shit- [incoherent] shit! Henry!"

[Visual footage]: Camera turns, aimlessly pointing into the darkness.

(00:23:12) Dr. Miller: "Henry! [Breathing] where the fuck are you?!"

(00:23:14) Dr. Reed: "Chris?!"

[Visual footage]: Camera angle continues to search frantically. Dr. Miller notices that Dr. Harper's communication device is non-functional.

(00:23:15) Dr. Miller: "Henry- goddammit- I can't see you!"

(00:23:17) Dr. Reed: "Chris- what-"

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller turns to face the dark figure of Dr. Reed standing in the open airlock.

(00:23:19) Dr. Miller: "Henry's gone! Oh god, shit- [breathing] he's gone- oh god, shit! Shit!

(00:23:21) Dr. Reed: "Actual- the crush zone?! When is it?!"

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller falters as a metallic object hurtles over his left shoulder.

(00:23:25) Dr. Reed: "Actual!"

(00:23:27) Dr. Miller: "The channel has blacked-out, Cath. He warned us."

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller attempts to turn upright and re-connect with the hull of Site-128 using partially-functional electromagnets. His dropped flashlight rolls off the side of the structure.

(00:23:30) Dr. Reed: "Chris! The crush zone will surround us in seconds! The airlock is automatically closing- [breathing] some emergency protocol or something! Get here now!

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller looks behind him before he turns and begins to stumble towards the light of the airlock. Ahead, debris scatters in and out of view, tearing and scratching at the hull directly ahead.

A large section of covering rips-off in front of him, driven by the current. The faint figure of Dr. Reed is visible straining to hold the airlock hatch from automated emergency closure.

(00:23:38) Dr. Miller: "Wait- [breathing] hold it-"

(00:23:41) Dr. Reed: "I can't- I can't hold it-"

(00:23:43) Dr. Miller: "Just- [breathing] just wait one moment-"

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller stumbles uncontrollably as the current drags him to the sides of the structure.

(00:23:46) Dr. Reed: "The pressure is mounting- Chris the door won't be able to close if you leave it any longer-"

[Visual footage]: The dragging force of the current suddenly heightens dramatically. Dr. Miller is thrown off-balance. A small unidentifiable debris object appears momentarily and strikes him across his visor. Dr. Miller collapses onto the ground.

(00:23:49) Dr. Miller: "[Incoherent] shit- my visor- [breathing] there are cracks on my visor!"

(00:23:51) Dr. Reed: "We're about to hit the crush zone! Move!"

[Visual footage]: //Dr. Miller lands sprawling as the weight of his suit pulls him back down.

(00:23:52) Dr. Miller: "Shit- [breathing] shit shit shit- [incoherent] my leg! I can't- [breathing] Shit! I can't fucking move! Something- [breathing] Something hit me! My fucking leg!"

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller clutches in agony at his fractured leg which seems to have contorted with the impossible angle of the suit, before stumbling disorderly to his feet. More objects shatter the walkway ahead of him. Dr. Miller falls again, before regaining footing, with the torrents of sediment slowly dragging him off the structure into the darkness.

(00:23:53) Dr. Miller: "I can't see anything- something's messing with my suit- [breathing] the exoskeleton is twisting my arm- Catherine- [breathing] my visor- it's going to split-"

(00:23:54) Dr. Reed: "Where are you?!"

[Visual footage]: Dr. Miller stumbles towards the airlock, and appears unable to control his movement. Dr. Reed is struggling to resist the automated emergency closure of the airlock.

(00:25:01) Dr. Miller: "Catherine- [breathing] get inside! Close the hatch! Close the hatch, you hear me?!

(00:25:05) Dr. Reed: "I can't- Chris- [incoherent] the door won't close-"

(00:25:09) Dr. Miller: "Catherine, [breathing] listen to me! You- you have to close the hatch! Close the fucking-


Part 2: