The Weight of Water : Part 6 - Look Down On Hell
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Censored Copy. Official no longer available, redacted 27/03/17.

[START EXTRACT 00:00:00]

[Recorded 31st March 2017. Visual recording.]

[Visual footage]: Camera adjusts, revealing the interior of the collapsed communications centre. The walls have been compressed, structural supports hang low overhead and cables from the walls draw over most surfaces. Dr. Carter, sat at a monitor holds the recording device. Dr. Ellis is visible in the corner of the room, with Dr. Wright. Dr. Shaw is seen in the centre of the room holding a handgun.

(00:00:02) Dr. Wright: "Just- just put the gun down, Elias."

(00:00:07) Dr. Shaw: "I said tell him to close comms with the surface!"

(00:00:10) Dr. Carter: "Why? Elias- I don't understand-"

(00:00:14) Dr. Shaw: "I said close the fucking channel!"

[Visual footage]: Dr. Shaw directs the handgun at Dr. Carter, and for a moment it appears as if he is about to pull the trigger.

(00:00:20) Dr. Wright: "Alright Elias- I understand- we'll close the channel, just don't fire that at anyone."

(00:00:25) Dr. Carter: "Sir?"

(00:00:27) Dr. Wright: "You heard me Michael… do as he says."

(00:00:31) Dr. Carter: "Sir, why are you listening to him?"

(00:00:35) Dr. Shaw: "You don't know what they're doing up there, Ryan."

(00:00:39) Dr. Wright: "Really?"

(00:00:43) Dr. Shaw: "You see, I figured it out.

(00:00:50) Dr. Wright: "I'd like to hear it."

(00:00:54) Dr. Shaw: "[Pause] …Ryan, we heard them. We heard them talking about it."

(00:01:01) Dr. Wright: "Talking about what, Elias?"

(00:01:05) Dr. Shaw: "They said this place was wiped-out… that they did this. The radiation? The storm? It wasn't a fucking storm!"

(00:01:09) Dr. Wright: "A hydrogen bomb? Is that what they were talking about?"

(00:01:13) Dr. Shaw: "We're not supposed to have survived this! Can't you see? We're meant to be dead! It wasn't a fucking accident! They- they- killed us for a reason!"

(00:01:25) Dr. Carter: "Jesus Christ. What are you talking about?"

(00:01:34) Dr. Shaw: "Stephan told you about it, didn't he? Ryan? So what is it? Why did the do this to us?"

(00:01:45) Dr. Wright: "He- [pause] …look Elias, nobody needs to know this."

(00:01:50) Dr. Carter: "What are you- what is it?"

(00:01:58) Dr. Wright: "I think they nuked this place. I think Elias is right. But it doesn't matter. We're still alive."

(00:02:05) Dr. Ellis: "Stephan knew about this? Ryan- why didn't you say?"

(00:02:13) Dr. Wright: "He said- [pause] Christ- I don't know. He said something was down here. On the lower levels. He said it wouldn't know that anyone was still alive at the top of the site if we stayed quiet. He said we were safe until we opened that first door. He said we'd be safe so long as we didn't know about it.