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Item #: SCP-2095
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-2095 shall be contained at all times in a cell sound dampening material lining the walls and 2 Guards shall be posted at all times outside the door of 2095's cell. 2095 requires two members with a level 2 security clearance for access to cell; although, it is advised that access should be limited to quiet observation.


SCP-2095 appears humanoid in form approx 2m tall, devoid of any facial features
apart from a white smile that takes up the region of the face from the approximate
position of the eyes down to the bottom of the chin. SCP-2095 has a thin body,
and thin limbs, SCP-2095 has abnormally large hands approximate guesses by
Dr. ██████ put the hands around 30cm wide 25cm long with fingers each being 40cm
long SCP-2095 has no thumbs.The skin of SCP-2095 is a pale blue grey.

SCP-2095 is to be considered dangerous and with great potential for hostility. It is theorized that SCP-2095 uses a form of sound sensing to track movement. This theory is based on SCP-2095 nature to only attack after noise has been made in its vicinity. SCP-2095 upon hearing sound from any other people will slowly raise its left arm until it points at the person whereupon the victim will lose vision within 5 seconds and begin seeing a white smile in a field of black accompanied with laughing. This state has caused severe mental deterioration and insanity in all of those effected by SCP-2095