Blood Diamond
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Photo of SCP-2542 taken by C.A.D 12

Item #: SCP-2542

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2542 must only be handled with a C.A.D or by other non-human means. Human interaction with SCP-2545 outside of containment is strictly forbidden.

SCP-2542 is contained in an isolated containment chamber with sixty (60) cm thick reinforced cement walls. SCP-2542 sits on a one hundred and twenty (120) cm tall steel pedestal under a locked five (5) cm thick bulletproof glass cover measuring 22cm3. The glass cover must be locked at all times. Connected to the main chamber room, where the diamond is held, is an observation room. In this room is a five (5) cm thick bullet proof window covered by a steel shutter, facing 2542's pedestal. SCP-2542's pedestal is approximately five (5) meters from the observation window. There is one regulation steel door that leads out into the hallway and the rest of the facility, and one triple locked steel vault door that leads into SCP-2542's main chamber room.

The vault door entrance is secured with a 6 digit entry code, thumb print, and retinal scanner. The entry code is changed daily by head of security, Joseph █████. Personnel and biometric keys are swapped out every three (3) days. The code and biometric keys can only be entered into a terminal that is locked in the security room located twenty (20) meters from SCP-2542's containment chamber. Two armed guards must be stationed there, one to guard the chamber's entrance when the other unlocks the chamber entrance.

Description: SCP-2542 is a small, uncut diamond with a colored tint. 2542 is estimated to be five (5) cm in diameter and five point five (5.5) cm tall. SCP-2542's shape and color are difficult to describe due to only have been seen through cameras or photographs or lack of memory when under it's effect. There is controversy over the true color of SCP-2542 as it appears differently depending on how one looks at it. When looking at a photograph of or through a video camera at the diamond it appears light green, but when looking directly at 2542 through the chambers observation room window the color has been reported to change to the viewers favorite color as if to make itself more enticing to the viewer. Any and all attempts to break or even chip off a piece of the diamond have been futile. Consequently, it is impossible to determine what SCP-2542 is comprised of.

SCP-2542 appears to affect the minds of people in direct eye contact with it, convincing them to do anything they can to obtain and keep it. After SCP-2542s containment, various D-class subjects were exposed to it in order examine exactly how 2542 affects them, (see test logs 1-4). When subjects seem to lose all self control due to SCP-2542, they are noted as SCP-2542-1s. During instances of SCP-2542-1s inside 2542's main chamber, all doors are closed and locked. [DATA EXPUNGED] (knock-out gas) is then vented into the room as to prevent injury. After the subject is fully believed to be unconscious, a C.A.D is sent in to remove the subject from the chamber and the gas is pumped out of the room. Cases of SCP-2542-1s in non-controlled environments inside and outside of the Foundation has resulted in many deaths over possession of SCP-2542.

When attempting to contain or move SCP-2542 for any reason, a Containment Assistance Droid or (C.A.D) must be used. The Foundation first contained SCP-2542 in ██/██/████ where it was in containment for approximately █ hours and ██ minutes at which point there was a containment breach involving Agent ████ ██████ during a shift change between guards (see incident report 1). SCP-2542 evaded containment for the next year and a half until ██/██/████ when the Foundation located SCP-2542 near the town of [REDACTED]. The object was tracked to a barn just outside of [REDACTED] where two (2) victims had killed each other over 2542. During SCP-2542's time after the containment breach, ██ civilian casualties have been confirmed to be caused by the object. After being located a C.A.D was sent in to collect SCP-2542 safely and then was transported to site ██ where it has since been contained.

Additional: After the containment breach on ██/██/████ the Foundation attempted and failed to locate SCP-2542 for one (1) year and thirty one (31) weeks. While searching for SCP-2542, field agents noticed numerous reports of strange deaths moving steadily across the country. During investigations, each incident showed similar traits shown by SCP-2542 in the past (see incident report 2). The field agents followed the reported incidents until they arrived in the small town of [REDACTED]. When SCP-2542 was finally located, all possible protective measurements were put in place to safely extract the object. C.A.D 9 was used to retrieve SCP-2542 which was then transported to site ██.

Test Logs:

Test 1 - Date03/15/████

Subject: D-2135
Procedure: Subject was placed in observation room for thirty (30) minutes, both doors locked, window shutter opened.
Results: Subject sat motionless on the chair provided staring at SCP-2542 for all thirty (30) minutes. When removed from observation room and asked "what he felt", subject replied "I couldn't stop staring at the thing, and just before you came in I swear I could hear someone start whispering to me." Subject then asked "what color was SCP-2542?" Subject replied "it was blue, why?"
Analysis:SCP-2542 forces you to uncontrollably stare at it. Further testing is necessary to explain the "whispering" subject mentioned.

Test 2 - Date03/16/████

Subject: D-2254
Procedure: Subject was placed in observation room for 1 hour, both doors locked, window shutter opened.
Results: Results were the same as Test 1 for the first thirty (30) minutes. After 30 minutes then started to look around the room as if hearing something. Subject then stood up, looked around for approximately five (5) minutes, and finally went to the window and stood in front of it for the remaining time. Subject removed from observation room and was asked "what he felt", subject did not respond for fifteen (15) minutes at which point he said "what happened, where am I? Where is the diamond?" Subject was again asked "what he felt", subject replied "I don't remember, I think I heard a voice whispering to me though." Subject was asked "what did the voice say?" Subject replied "I don't know, I can't remember." Subject was then asked "what color was SCP-2542?" Subject replied "yellow, I think."
Analysis:Prolonged exposure, longer than thirty (30) minutes staring at SCP-2542 can result in a fugue state at which point the subject focuses on nothing but the diamond and whispering of an unknown origin. We assume the whispering is projected from SCP-2542 somehow.

Test 3 - Date03/18/████

Subject: D-2166
Procedure: Subject was placed in observation room for 1 hour, both doors locked, window shutter opened. After 1 hour, vault door into SCP-2542's main containment room was unlocked and opened.
Results: Same results as Test 2 for the first hour. After main door was opened subject slowly walked into the main containment room and up to SCP-2542's pedestal and stared at it for five (5) minutes. Immediately after, the subject started hitting and clawing at the bullet proof glass that covered SCP-2542. He attacked the glass for over fifteen (15) minutes and then began to bash his own head on it. At this point, to prevent severe injuries, [DATA EXPUNGED] gas was vented into the room and render the subject unconscious. A C.A.D was then used to remove D-2166 from the room. When the subject regained consciousness he started flailing his arms trying to attack the guards and was shouting " WHERE IS IT! WHERE IS MY DIAMOND!" It took an hour and thirty minutes to calm him down. Subject refused to answer questions.
Analysis:When in close proximity to SCP-2542, subjects appear desperate to obtain it by any means necessary and are even willing to physically harm them selves to get it.

Test 4 - Date 03/25/████

Researchers requested to attempt a test involving two (2) test subjects in SCP-2542's main containment room at the same time. The request was denied.

Incident Report 1: Containment Breach on ██/██/████. █ hours after SCP-2542's was first contained at the Foundation Agent ████ ██████ was operating a C.A.D inside of SCP-2542's containment chamber when it malfunctioned. Instead of calling for maintenance Agent ██████ broke protocol and attempted to repair C.A.D 17 himself. Agent ██████ had left both secure doors open and [INFORMATION REDACTED]. Since containment breach the Foundation has had SCP-2542's security doubled and has re-enforced SCP-2542's containment protocol.

Incident Report 2:SCP-2542 has controlled an unknown number of SCP-2542-1s before the Foundation contained the object. While searching for 2542 the Foundation encountered many similar incidents, security footage would show the following. When an SCP-2542-1 enters an occupied room with SCP-2542 all living people near that person will try to find and take the object for themselves. The original SCP-2542-1 will do anything to keep SCP-2542 even if it means killing everyone who tries to take it away, the others will do the same to take it. Many security cameras have shown that all occupants inside of bars, stores, etc. have slaughtered each other because of SCP-2542 presence.