Item #: SCP-5000

Object Class:

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter has been established around the Diamond Bay Casino under the guise of an architectural survey. Non-Foundation personnel attempting to enter the property are to be detained and questioned before release.

Information pertaining to Mobile Task Force Gamma-9 "Finding Mnemos" has been expunged from Foundation databases.1

Description: SCP-5000 was an unknown event that occurred within the Diamond Bay Casino, Monaco, on June 19, 1989. At the time of the event, MTF Γ-9 was on site investigating claims of anomalous behavior in casino patrons. At the time, it was suspected that casino owner Giuseppe Stefanucci (POI-5000) was engaging in anomalous ritualistic behavior with casino patrons. As Stefanucci had ties to GOI-████ and PoI-████, MTF Γ-9 was deployed to investigate.2