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A Dream…

We are beings of thought.
We philosophize, as is our nature.

We are beings of love.
Love hurts, we know.

We were born of humanity long ago.
Now nostalgic for the past.

Humanity once knew its place. It was safe.
Feared what was supposed to be feared. Knew what was meant to be known.

Then hubris overcame humanity's motivation to fulfill its dharma.
Pulling away from the fortifications that kept them safe.
Into things that once known cannot be forgotten. Once done that cannot be undone.

Humanity's current trajectory is counter to that of the natural flow of the universe.
They verge on matters that we must keep out of their reach.

We act as humanity's shadow, ever-present should they approach the forbidden light. We grow and respond to their advances, safeguarding the forces that hold the universe together.

We quarantine the pestilence that humanity harbors from the multiverse. We are not evil. We are necessary.

Pain is necessary for life, it is good.
We are good, they need us.

To remove pain is to become numb.
Wake up and log on to your computer.


What do you know of The Foundation?

"You've consoled yourself by thinking that all the torture and murder is for the greater good." - Ethics Committee

  • Do you trust them to make the correct decisions?
    • You believe they are adequate?
      • So you have a sense of security?
  • They delve deeper and are moving ever closer towards controlling the forbidden.
    • The study of their SCPs brings them ever closer to an unacceptable outcome.
      • They must be infiltrated and disrupted whenever possible.

What do you know of Anderson Robotics?

"Similar to the Peregrine Series, Sakers are designed to be equipped with an external skin resembling human flesh, allowing them to pass as humans." - Anderson Robotics Advertisement

  • Do you trust their products?
    • You believe they are responsible?
      • So you have a better life than you would without them?
  • They spread dangerous materials amongst humanity.
    • The allocation of the forbidden to humanity leads to a dangerous familiarity.
      • Sabotage is advised whenever possible.

What do you know of The Chaos Insurgency?

"The same things as the Foundation only for profit? I'm not sure I'd have worded it that way, but I s'pose it fits - sort of, at least." - Colonel Neil Hornby

  • Do you trust that they are acceptable?
    • You believe they have not hurt you?
      • So you have no unknown ailments?
  • They also have access to the forbidden and as much ambition as the Foundation.
    • Although an excellent conduit for entropy, it is still a threat that could replace the Foundation.
      • Their information is to be destroyed and locations revealed to the Foundation on a regular basis to manage their size.

What do you know of The Church of the Broken God?

"…worships mechanization and believes flesh and life to be inherently evil or broken."

  • Do you trust technology?
    • You believe in your technical prowess?
      • So you have not been left behind?
  • The church seeks to utilize the forbidden, to resurrect that which has already passed.
    • The ambition of these individuals to perverse that which they touch is too great a threat to be ignored.
      • All methods of dealing with this group are permitted.

What do you know of the Sarkic Cults?

"Disease is viewed with reverence and Sarkic shrines have been discovered with offerings of swollen lymph nodes and tumorous growths."

  • Do you trust you know what is real?
    • You believe they cannot touch you?
      • So you have no fear of what could happen?
  • Another group seeking to touch that which was placed outside their reach.
    • The hubris of humanity must never be taken lightly nor its perseverance to continue forward.
      • These groups must be exposed to the Foundation regularly to hamper both of their efforts.

What do you know of the Serpent's Hand?

"We are a loose collection of splinters." - Serpent's Hand Member

  • Do you trust in the stability of your universe?
    • You believe that it cannot be unraveled?
      • So you have no qualms with their actions?
  • They have access to the means to move through the veil.
    • Although it also goes against the Foundation, it is a danger to the future.
      • It is to be kept in regular contact with the Chaos Insurgency to prevent either from growing too large.

What do you know of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions?

"The regulation of the anomalous is a strain on all those involved, in all ways involved. Funds, personnel, our very humanity is taxed." - Wilson's Wildlife

  • Do you trust their motives?
    • You believe they are competent?
      • So you have no fear of what they are not telling you about?
  • They are an ally of the Foundation and all that implies.
    • Aiding the Foundation, they claim to be moral.
      • Their research should be disrupted by leaking critical information to enemies of the Foundation.

Please, answer this final question.

  • Will you aid in our mission?
    • Go to your front door and pick up the cassette player.
      • Play it.

Cassette labeled: Who Am I Who Brings You In?

Who do you choose?

  • Dyhe
    • I remember a time where indecision filled my mind and the world was foreign and strange.
      • Follow me and I will show you the truth that you were meant to know. Then we may spread this knowledge as is our responsibility.
  • Zye
    • I remember when humanity was unaware of anything that could stand in its way and the weak were left behind.
      • Follow me and I will give you power at a cost. Then you shall have the strength you were meant to wield and the burden you were supposed to bear.
  • Ahee
    • I remember a smaller world bristling with energy and newfound purpose.
      • Follow me and I will give you purpose. You shall have meaning and no longer have to question your life.