BluntedEdge (3361D)

Item #: 3361

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3361-1 is to be kept in a secure 10m x 10m x 10m room at Site ███. This room must have a mechanism that can close SCP-3361-1 in the event of personnel being unable to make direct contact with the door and must also have constant surveillance. No personnel are allowed into the containment area without prior permission and are strictly not allowed to open SCP-3361-1 without a researcher and 5 members of security personnel present.

In the event the SCP-3361-1 is to be opened, any civilian witnesses are to be administered Class A Amnesiacs. Anything that emerges from SCP-3361-1 that may pose a security threat must be captured and/or terminated.

In the event that SCP-3361-1 opens by itself without any interaction with the object itself, SCP-3361 is to be reclassified as an Euclid object. New containment protocols shall also immediately be developed; however, so long as there is none, it is to be kept sealed and unopenable.

Object Description: SCP-3361-1 is a plain mahogany door and doorway about 2 m tall and 0.8 m wide with no anomalous physical properties. Anomalous properties only manifest upon opening SCP-3361-1

SCP SCP–3361 refers to the inexplicable linking between SCP-3361-1 to a random doorway on Earth. This phenomenon allows a subject to enter SCP-3361-1 and exit out of a random doorway anywhere on Earth. This; however, goes both ways. Any subject may enter SCP-3361-1 and exit at SCP-3361-2 and vice versa unless the link is terminated).

SCP-3361-1 is key to the entirety of the link as it serves as the initiator and terminator of the link. Upon its opening, SCP-3361 will activate and link to any door, turning it into an instance of SCP-3361-2. Closing SCP-3361-1 will result in the termination of the active instance of SCP-3361 unless any object remains in the link. Damage to SCP-3361-2 does not appear as damage to SCP-3361-1 and vice-versa.

The effects of SCP-3361 extend to all lifeforms, matter, and light, thereby a subject can view into SCP-3361-1 while open and see what lies on the opposite side through SCP-3361-2. The only limitations are the size of the subject.

SCP-3361-1 was retrieved following what is assumed to be an accidental intrusion. On ██-█-20██, a man suddenly appeared at Site ███. He quickly tried to leave but security was able to impede his escape. The intruder continued to resist; however, and was nearly able to escape. One member of the personnel, acting for the good of the Foundation, fatally shot the man before he could leave. The man died later that day in the medical bay. The Site Director proceeded to order an immediate investigation before the door was shut. From the man’s possessions at his house (location of SCP-3361-1) he was identified as █████ ██████, 29 of ███████, █████. Upon identifying the anomalous properties of the door, it was immediately retrieved less than a week later.