SCP 2419 Draft

Item #: SCP - 2419

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP - 2419 Is to be kept within SCP - 999's pen due to it's depressing nature and natural ability to sob and make people feel down. SCP - 2419 is to be fed when it requests a mixture of sugary foods and if ever should disturbed and sob SCP - 999 is to be called upon.

SCP - 2419 Appears to be a medium sized, gelatinous mass of dark blue slime, it's weight varies on what it eats from 25kg - 30kg. The SCP's consistency is similar to SCP - 999's which is almost the same as peanut butter, the shape of 2419 can appear to change at his will, SCP 2419 is transparent and all attempts to discover how it's emotions work or how it speaks has ended in vein due to no modern scientific way of describing how it does so.

SCP - 2419 behaviour seems to be depressing resembling a lonely person or somebody who has not gotten far within life and seems to have given up. If approached, SCP - 2419 will slowly retreat into a corner and sob and if it's comfort zone of 5ft is broken it will make any persons atmosphere near by begin to seem gloomy and very will begin to think depressing thoughts along with feeling sorry. SCP - 2419 emits an oder of dampness, alcohol and sweat making anyone within close proximity to feel unclean and the traits that a alcoholic would have.

If 2419 is every touched in any way, the personal touching he/she will instantly feel regret, a flashback from their worst times in life shall appear before their eyes in black and white as if they were re-living the time from a 3rd person perspective. When contact is broken from 2419, the flashback shall end in an instant and all memory from that time will be gone and replaced with nothing but will end up with the personal still feeling it's effects from being within the 5ft radius.

Many people believe SCP - 2419 is SCP - 999 long lost brother or some sort of other connection, but all attempts to match up any sort of DNA has ended in a negative so far. Many people believe this due to the fact SCP - 999 is the only thing who can cheer 2419 up and during this process SCP 2419's translucent mass shall turn baby blue instead of it's normal dark blue.

SCP 2419 Enjoys being alone when no one is present. All attempts to find out what he does when not being monitored has ended in a fail as he can seem to detect any sort of motion within an unknown radius along with being able to sense any sort of photography or surveillance.

Personal are advised to keep away from 2419 for many reasons, causing him distress and the personals is the man one.