Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP- is to be contained in a standard humanoid room cell with standard furnishings. The containment cell of SCP- requires minimal maintenance of weekly basic housekeeping duties. SCP- is apt leave clutter where it lays but seems not only to not mind it, but find it interesting. When maintenance is performing duties of the SCP cell, maintenance is reminded to check with research to ensure SPC- is receiving the allotted and scheduled books as per the agreement the subject has made with Dr. , as well as the weekly supply of small varied samples of matter. SCP- is free to explore all of Site 62 save for the actual containment cells of other SCP unless under direct supervision of Dr. Or any personnel of Level 2 clearance or above. Tests and interviews with SCP- can be carried out by any Researcher or Agent of the Foundation as long as room is open on the schedule maintained by Dr. . SCP- is also apt to leave his cell due to the nature of the subject. The book allotment of SCP- is used to combat this as a sort of “baby sitting” tactic such that it will remain occupied as long as it has something to study.
Description: SCP stands at 2.5 meters when fully upright, but often is seen slouching such that its head sits below its shoulders. The legs of the subject appear normal in length, while the torso and arms of the subject are particularly long. SCP is also almost completely black, save for the white skull-like face. The subject also appears to wear a sort of cloak that only becomes apparent when the subject reaches within it, but otherwise it is indiscernible from the rest of the torso of the subject. All tests including MRI and X-Ray have not shown the items the subject appears to draw from itself, including a crude magnifying glass, various powders and small inseminate tools. The subject has difficulty explaining the nature of these items to most personnel, and when asked usually only explains what purpose he plans on using it for. While SCP- is often considered frightening on first glance, interactions with the subject have shown it to be of an incredibly docile nature, refraining from physical contact with and site personnel and complying with virtually every request made of it. The SCP appears to have total comprehension of most languages spoken by personnel at Site 62, and has demonstrated the ability to quickly learn those which are spoken around him. The voice of the subject has been described as the sound of crude wood wind instrument, similar to whistling wind. The primary characteristics of SCP- are that the subject displays an insatiable curiosity, acute senses (despite the apparent lack of sensory organs), perfect reasoning, perfect memory, as well as variable intangibility. This ability to observe without physically disturbing entities makes SCP- exempt from the observer effect on objects but still disturbs entities that can sense him. SCP- was first discovered at the site of [REDACTED] and when approached by foundation Agents, the subject denied having anything to do with the [REDACTED]. The subject express that he had been investigating the [REDACTED] for several months and willingly shared all that he had learned in his time spent watching the area. SCP- willingly followed the Agents to their base-camp for extraction and has existed at Site 62 ever since. This was the beginning of how SCP- earned a reputation for aiding researchers in the study of other SCP. SCP- has shown a great depth of knowledge only many previously captured SCP as well as hints that he has studied many more that as of yet have not been detained. At this present time of writing SCP is considered chiefly responsible for the breakthroughs with 6 SCPs studies and the information necessary to capture 23 more. While SCP- is allowed to wander most of the facility within reason, he will invariably return to his cell if asked, but usually only after a thorough explanation of exactly why, with the usual response that the subject is acting as a distraction. SCP- is known for several accounts of acute cardiac dysrhythmia as he is apt to silently approach working researchers and peer over their shoulders at their work, only making himself known to point out a flaw in the work or ask for clarification. Requests that the subject wear a device (read: bell) to make its presence known are refused because as the subject claims “Such a thing would cloud my work”. The request denied as SCP- has proven to be far more valuable than many of the researchers he has frightened. Additionally, SCP- has shown little empathy for anything or anyone, and often requests dangerous tests on various SCPs in attempts to improve his hypotheses, although some researchers feel this falls in line with Foundation protocol. Although SCP- has also shown that while he is quite capable of gathering information and forming coherent analysis, he often neglects to share it with researchers as he claims many Foundation researchers simply are not “exploring wisest course”. The weekly supply of books and variable matter is used by staff to keep SCP- when research is to be done on other SCP too volatile for SCP- to be around. This is due to the invasive curious nature of SCP- . The supply of matter and books to the cell of the subject are carefully poured over the subject, and after such a time when the subject finishes his study, he is able to explain the very nature of the object, whether it be every misprint in the book, or the tensile strength of the matter. SCP- appears to only stay with the foundation because it is requested of him, and because of the constant influx of new venues of curious observation offer more to him than he could find roaming the world freely.