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  • boogeymobile23 said 2 days ago: reminder - thing where people literally die via euphemisms for dying
  • pendleton_miller said 2 days ago: oh and also the thing where humans are corpses on vacation and thats why people hate dying

said "Dracuum". Could it least be entry in anomalous items log.
"AE-2880 is a vacuum cleaner bearing the brand name "Dracuum" in bold letters on its exterior casing. These vacuums, for the most part, function normally; their anomalous property is an incredible effectiveness for cleaning bloodstains. One pallet containing 30 units was brought to Foundation custody when it was delivered to a local store despite not being included in the shipping manifest and having no record of origin. Any further instances recovered are to be forwarded to the nearest regional Materials Dept facility for distribition to Foundation custodial staff.

Table 1 (Reference Links)

Author Page

GOI Format

  • Little Draft Horses
    • The MC&D Item Listing for a set of miniature horses that turn water into oil. The GOI-Format version of SCP-2463


  • Blood, Sweat, and Beers
    • Agent Ben Buggeman acting out his desire to be just like a hardboiled detective from a pulp noir magazine.
  • Charcoal
    • A little tale about an item from the Log of Anomalous Objects.

Table 2 (Personal Essay-style Bits)

The 2nd Table - Personal reference guide of some Foundation SOPs and structuring. For a baseline idea of 'WWFD' (What Would the Foundation Do?)

Table 2.5 (Security Dept. Orientation Manual)

Keeping this here for now. Part of a WIP article.

Use an image or some coding to make a nice front page..?

Table 3 (Ideas 1)

Writing-related stuff on this table!

Table 4 (Project Specific Worktable)

«3b filler»

Table 5 (Next Thing)

Currently: Mu-3 Revival

Table 6 ('Random Idea Generator' challenge?)

Ideas from SCP Random Idea Generator?

Table 7 (Nobody Gets Away)

Table 8 (Nobody stuff)

800 Table

Table 9 (Tale Pieces)


Table 10 (Back-ups of Tales)

Copies of tales, in case they're get deleted.

Table 11 (Community Outreach Staff Resources)

SCP Wiki Community Outreach Junior Staff

As of: Jan, 2018

MTF Delta-88 alternate suggested nicknames:

  • The Townies
  • Men About Town
  • Uptown Funk
  • Cousin Earl
  • Streetcleaners
  • Small Town Force Units / Small-Town-Focused Units