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Security Dept. Orientation

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Welcome to the SCP Foundation Site-208 Security Dept. Primarily designated as an Object Storage Facility, with one low-value object warehouse, two medium-value storage wings, and one high-value storage wing, Site-208 is capable of housing several hundred anomalous items. Typically, however, storage is 60-70% of capacity at any given time.

As Site-208 is dedicated to object storage, interactions with sentient/sapient anomalies and D-Class personnel will be rare. Our staff is primarily comprised of security, containment technicians, and a small research division. When interacting with your colleagues in a professional capacity, endeavour to be cordial but authoritative. Your first priority is always to maintain the integrity of our facility's security measures.

Protocols at this posting do not deviate greatly from the standard, but that does mean you should take your responsibilities lightly. Always remain vigilant, ensure the safety of yourself and your co-workers, and fulfill your duty to the Foundation and humanity.

Secure, Contain, Protect,

Chief of Security, Site-208

Mexico Lawrence

"Their name is Mexico?"

Mark Abbott shrugged. As if he'd have any insight to his boss's name.

"Eh, seems pretty average as far as introductions go." Frances Gold closed the front cover of Mark's handbook as he returned it. "My site's chief filled two and a half pages going on and on about duty and accountability."

"Maybe he started drafting it back when he was an officer? Building it up more and more until he finally got to print it out for everybody at a Site of his own," Mark mused. Frances actually thought that seemed plausible, but was interrupted before he could say so.

Oscar Webber, a six-pack in hand, pushed open the door and breezed into the hotel room. Neil Sanders, cradling a plastic ice bucket in his arm, followed right behind. "And he says to the doctor 'No, that's my wife!'" Both men laughed as they unloaded their burdens on the nearest available surface.

Minutes later, everyone was situated comfortably with a can of beer in hand (except Mark, who didn't drink). "Neil," Mark prompted. "Tell us about your new promotion."

"Well, it's not a promotion really;" Neil explained. "Just a lateral transfer to Tactical Division." Mark leafed through his handbook to the page outlining standard ranking progressions.

"I guess there was some talk of standard promotion, but I don't like doing paperwork." Neil took a quick swig before adding with a grin "Not to mention what a waste of talent it'd be!" The guys all chuckled, but Frances remembered Neil as an ace at the shooting range. He wouldn't be surprised if a role with some Combat MTF was the next step in Sanders' career.

"Fucking talent," Oscar lamented. "Now there's something that's sorely lacking over at One-Eleven."

"Competition like that, no wonder you're still down on Guard tier," Frances teased slyly.

"Oh!" Oscar feigned injury with great exaggeration. "That is hurtful! To me, and to poor Mark here!" Eyes turned, but Mark wasn't playing along; he just smiled quietly. Mark Abbott was comfortable where he was, confident in being good at what he did.

Oscar resumed his natural, more acidic demeanor. "Like I want to play Sarge-in-charge and actually be accountable for those shitheels? I cover my own ass, and the idiots can be someone else's headache."

"Well," Frances was still amusing himself by trying to push Oscar's buttons. "Maybe they just need a little supportive guidance." He knew Oscar couldn't stand such sweetness and light. Although, due in part to being a few years older, and in part to his general personality, 'a little supportive guidance' is what Frances had tried to give each of his present colleagues at one time or another. "How bad can they be?"

"How bad?" Oscar had finished his first can and was pulling his second from the ice as he spoke. "Ha! You name it, they don't do it." Mark had no intention of actually naming anything, and if he had he likely could have recited the basic duties from memory.

"Well, don't literally read from the book," Oscar said. "The way it's laid out there, a monkey could do our jobs. You know what I mean though; it's how they do it! Just, like, in the worst possible way."

"Oh, of course," Neil grinned. "You mean any way other than yours, right?" It amused all three of them that Oscar could appear so apathetic, while being so anal at the same time.

"Look, I operate at high efficiency because that's how you reduce effort," Oscar was now defending his personal brand of effective slacking. "These guys do it bad, and it makes things that much harder for everyone. Including me!" He paused his rant for a sip of beer before continuing. "They don't stay on top of what's happening in their sectors. They don't tell you what's happening when you relieve them at shift change. They write incident reports the way six year old kids tell you a joke; all pointless details with no cohesive train of thought!"

"What about deciding they don't need to call for a Containment Technician, because they can turn a wrench themselves?" Frances smirked knowingly. "Do they break that rule too?"

"I don't break rules," Oscar resorted to his stock line of defense. "I bend them once in a while, never break." Even having heard it a thousand times before, it put a smile on everyone's face to hear it once more.

"But, you know, there's a lot more oversight when you're working with humanoids and shit."

(Insert 'Humanoid SCPs and D-Class Interactions' here)

(Recur to the topic of 'Tactical Division')

"It's mostly just been a lot of training and drills," Neil continued. "A bit of sit-and-wait while living on-site, and then some days off between."

"Nice! The Site I'm at right now is pretty remote, we're in and out on shifts too.

(Wrap it up)


Excerpts From Handbook
(to intersperse between paragraphs of narrative)

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Word count: Draft incomplete

Last thing that got posted!

BS&I Forum Thread

Perhaps reframe narrative to take place during a Security Officers Conference or Training Recertification Course. Have several former colleagues discussing their latest postings and assignments, comparing notes and sharing experience.

Characters - Basics

  1. Average guard at Object Storage facility
  2. One rising through ranks, recent promotion to Tactical Division
  3. Guard from a Testing facility (experience with humanoid SCPs and D-class)
  4. Guard avoiding promotion (doesn't want stressful responsibilities or to be accountable for the idiots he currently works with)


  • SCP Security Officers Conference (Overall Setting)
    • Guards from several different Sites and Areas attend a 2-day event mainly consisting of lectures and presentations which expound upon recent and upcoming Foundation-wide directives.
    • A group (four?) of guards who all bonded while stationed together on a past posting meet again and decide to catch up.
  • Hotel room, on the evening between Days 1 and 2 of the conference. (Specific/Main Setting)
    • Conference itself is being held at a nearby Site. Attendees have been put up in local accomodations due to space limitations at Site's own barracks.
    • Where the guards will actually meet up to have their discussion. (cracking cold ones with the boys?)

Points To Touch On & Possible Comments For

One character has a copy of their handbook with them (for reference / to show to the audience)

  • Site-specific Introduction Page
    • "That one seems fairly standard. My Site's Chief rambles on for two and a half pages about how big a deal this shit is!" - F.G.
    • "Ha, mine barely even bothered to write more than 3 sentences."
  • Ranking and Progression
    • "They call it 'Defender', but really it's more just a lateral promotion. You know, because I'm wicked-lethal but I hate paperwork! Luckily I had a captain that understood where I was coming from, they helped get me the bump over to Tactical Division. Not that I wanna get up to Lieutenant there either though; maybe out to a Combat MTF next, that'd kick ass!" - N.S.
    • "But the Site I'm on now, it's way out in the middle of nowhere. That's why our shifts are one week on, one week off. Which is pretty decent, really. Better than some of those month-long postings!" M.A.
    • "Nope, still just a guard. Like I want to play Sarge-in-charge and actually be accountable for these shitheels? Maybe if it was like our old Site back in the day, but most of the new guys we seem to be getting are just idiots!" - O.W.
  • Guard Division
    • "They don't even do their checks properly! 'Wwaahhh, you forgot my check on mmeee.' You didn't ever tell me you were on! If I don't have those patrol details how am I even going to mount a response? Go on, look it up; who's responsible for initiating check-ins? That's right, the patrol guard." - O.W.
    • "How about putting your patrol route on hold for ten minutes to wait for a containment technician, because apparently you can't be trusted to turn a wrench yourself? I know you've broken that rule before." - "Nope. I don't break rules. … I may bend them a little, but not break them." - O.W.
  • Tactical Division
    • "So far it's been mostly training and drills, a bit of 'sit on-site and wait', and then stretches of time off in between. I'm with Group C for duty-rotation, our Lieutenant's big on football; runs us like he's coaching a team. It's actually fun, if you ask me!" N.S.
    • "Our Site's deemed a TacDiv unneccessary, since we're so small and out-of-the-way. We're expected to do double duty while on-site, and be ready to scramble during off-hours. Which hardly ever happens, but it sucks when you're up all night on breach response and then have to go straight to a shift in the monitor station." - M.A.


Author Page (?)


Agent Ben Buggeman

Name: Benjamin C. Buggeman

SCPF ID#: 2362395

Personnel Classification: Class C

Security Clearance: Level 2 (Limited Level 3 priveleges)

Current Position: Field Agent (Undercover)

Profile: Agent Ben Buggeman is currently assigned to MTF Delta-88 ("The Townies"), acting as the Foundation's presence in River City. Under the guise of an independent private investigator, his main responsibilities are gathering information and maintaining awareness of anomalous activity (and parties involved in such) in River City and the surrounding region. Additional duties include providing support, when possible, for other Foundation operatives.


Agent Buggeman terminates an instance of SCP-████ encountered outside of containment.

Truncated Summary of Previous Assignments

Position Role
Field Operative,
MTF Gamma-6 "Deep Feeders"
(MTF Dept.)
Small Vessel Operator, Deckhand, Diver.
Asst. Containment Technician - Trainee,
(Engineering & Technical Services Dept.)
Short-term assignments to numerous marine Sites.
Security Officer,
(Security Dept.)
Alarm Monitor, Guard.
MTF Pi-1 "City Slickers"
(MTF Dept.)
*Ejected from squad during preliminary induction period.
MTF Delta-88 "The Townies"
(MTF Dept.)
Undercover Agent, Foundation local presence for River City.

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