The Rabbit

Item #: SCP-2096

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2096 is to be contained in a locked containment closet only Level 4 and over, personnel may open the locked container, any stuffed animals resembling SCP-2096 must be removed or reported so there are not any escapes and/or contamination.

Description: SCP-2096 is a stuffed yellow rabbit with a length of 54" and a width of 30" SCP-2096 weighs at around 3 lbs. SCP-2096 was caught in █████, Ohio. SCP-2096 has no ability to communicate but can move though very rarely. SCP-2096 is nocturnal it has never once been see awake during day. D-Class personnel have been seen with great depression after making contact with SCP-2096 has also been seen watching over D-Class personnel while they are asleep, the D-Class reported seeing SCP-2096 in the dreams staring at them. SCP-2096 has no ability to eat but it seems to go hungry every four or five hours so it is given nutrition through a needle into the neck. Current research is being done to find out what SCP-2096 is stuffed with. All researchers who have tried to dissect SCP-2096 have just randomly died. SCP-2096 has only attempted to escape once. SCP-2096 escaped Site 29 but later SCP-2096 was found inside a forest watching a hunter. SCP-2096 seems to show curiosity in human technology especially weapons and toys. SCP-2096 has never been seen moving frequently but it is speculated that it move quicker then biological creatures on Earth, it moves in teleport like walks. Very little research has been done on SCP-2096 so very little is known about it.