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Item #: SCP-XXX, "Brainless"

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a 5x5x5 lead-walled meter room. The walls should be .75 meters thick. It is to be tightly chained to a wall by the wrists, ankles and torso. The room is locked at all times except for testing purposes. A 7 meter spear is to be kept by guards
near the room to render SCP-XXX inert when it animates.

Description:SCP-XXX appears to be a middle-aged Hispanic male that stands at about 2 meters tall. However, where the cranium typically is on a human, there is a visible hole, and the eyes have no pigment whatsoever. It was found in a sunken storage container off the coast of ███████, Mexico. It was discovered ████ ██, 20██, after a large influx of missing divers washed ashore. During the autopsies of the bodies they appeared to have no visible cause of death, however their brains were missing and no marks that would suggest surgical removal were found. All persons outside of SCP Personnel involved with the discovery and autopsies of the divers were distributed Class ? Amnesiacs. Investigations done by a █████████ found a shipping container with no markings at all. The origin of SCP-XXX is unknown.

SCP-XXX is inert under most circumstances, with its eyes shut. However, when subjects get
within 3 meters, the subject will stop all activity while standing still. Then, within █ seconds, the subject collapses. Autopsies reveal a disappearance of the brain, then SCP-XXX will, within an average period of █ minutes opens its eyes and the hole starts to "fill" and it develops a
forehead with a likeness to the subject's forehead, then starts to talk and behave like the subject.

However, when SCP-XXX discovers the subject's dead body or otherwise learns the subject is
dead, it enters a state of insanity where SCP-XXX attempts to kill, or harm anybody it
comes across. Repeated trauma to the head of SCP-XXX or puncturing will cause SCP-XXX to re-enter its typical inert state, with the hole in place of the forehead.

Test A - 06-██-20██

Subject was given the assignment that when he hears the word, "M████" he is to respond > with
"P███". Subject was then told to enter SCP-XXX's room. When the subject got within 3 meters > of SCP-XXX, all brain activity ceased in the subject. After 2 seconds he collapsed.

Then with in █ minutes, SCP-XXX gained a like the subject's.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ███████: M████.

SCP-XXX: (In a voice that sounded like the subject's own voice): P███.

SCP-XXX: Huh? Why the hell am I chained to this wall? You sick fuck! They at the
██████ told me that… Wait? Is that… Is that me?

<End Log>

SCP-XXX then struggled to free himself from the chains, screaming, and not responding to further verbal communication then was rendered inert by Dr.███████
stabbing SCP-XXX in the forehead with a spear.

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