Brandon's sandbox

Item #: 3000
Object Class: Euclid´┐╝

Special Containment Procedures SCP-3000 is to be Contained a Storage locker With SCP-3000's trigger in a separate Storage locker No Personnel under level 3 clearance may come into contact into with SCP-3000. SCP-3000 is to remain on Site 28

Description: SCP-3000 is a Pistol Shaped taser SCP-3000 can dismantled. If SCP-3000 is fully put together it can and will shoot on its own. If shot by SCP-3000 you will be electrocuted by 250000000 volts more than a normal taser it also has the ability to shock whoever is holding it. SCP-3000 can Make other tasters like itself by shocking them.