Item #: 2920

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2920 is to be kept in its heavy steel Cage no excuses. SCP-2920 is to be kept in a dark cell any exposure to light will cause Irritation on the skin causing SCP-2920 to emit high radiation levels.

Description: SCP-2920 is a Humanoid standing about the same height as a average Human boy. SCP-2920 has Wrinkly pale skin. SCP-2920 has no known hair on its body. SCP-2920 was found at █████ NM. SCP-2920 Bend Radiation Levels it can make it high and low. SCP-2920 doesn't seem to have the ability to talk but can communicate through head movements. SCP-2920 creates Two different noises One being a high pitched squeaks only heard when its in pain and One being a low pitched growls. SCP-2920 communicated with some D Class but they all died from Radiation Exposure so there has not been any successful contact with SCP-2920. It has actually attempted to Escape a lot by acting like its in lots of pain or trying to steal keys from the Janitors who clean his sell because unfortunately it does need to eat and leaves waste he only got outside once half of task force was killed except he was caught thankfully.