The Servants Orb

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: [SCP-XXX is to be contained in a 2x2x2 ft. sealed Lead box at all times, even during transport. The object is not to be removed without sufficient clearance, and extra precautions are to be taken to ensure that no employee is in its sphere of influence for more than 10 minutes consecutive. While SCP-XXX is out of its container there is to be no speaking or articulating of any kind within the room it is kept, and it is to be prevented from being in open space at all costs.

Should SCP-XXX be placed in an open area without containment or in the outside world, the top priority is containing it. As a necessary precaution, should this occur it is recommended that all non personal be evacuated approx. 1.7 Kilometers away from the object as soon as possible. ]

Description: [SCP-XXX is a sphere roughly the size of a bowling ball, with a distinctly stone appearance and texture (although further contamination shows that it is actually made of numerous Organic components of an unknown origin) Perhaps the most noticeable of its physical characteristic are the deep maroon markings that are etched into its surface, all of which glow faint red.

SCP-XXX creates a sphere of influence around itself devoid of any sound whatsoever. Any Person or Animal that tries to articulate at all in its presence will experience excruciating pain, often leading to an attempt to "Cry Out" in agony, which in turn causes more pain to be inflicted. Test volunteers who are exposed to SCP-XXX for less than the maximun of 10-15 minutes recall a strong urge to "Follow the King" in their instinct. Even with low level exposures, should someone make an order or demand over intercom into the room, the subjects (Reluctantly) comply against their own will. Exposure to SCP-XXX comes in 4 stages:

1. After half an hour of continuous exposure, the subject is rendered unable to speak or articulate any noise or sound of their own volition, whether or not they were subjected to pain during the exposure. The exact manner in which the object renders its victims mute due to this is a mystery, although it is hypothesized that it rewrites elements of the victims subconsciousness to achieve this affect.

2. After 45 minutes of continuous exposure, not only is the Subject completely mute, but they become the reluctant slaves to the commands of anyone who is "Above" them in social hierarchy. Subjects with particularly strong wills may be able to temporarily resist, although not typically for any long amount of time, however, most subjects at this stage can indefinitely resist commands which involve self harming or mutilation.

3. After 1 hour and 20 minutes of continuous exposure, the subject will have no more free will. They will follow the commands of any person who is above them in any hierarchy without question, although some minor evidence of struggling may exist, but this is very rare. At this stage the subject, if ordered, would kill themselves in the most painful, gruesome ways imaginable if ordered. Furthermore, some commands that could be considered impossible for any individual to accomplish will be followed with surprising efficiency, its not uncommon for subjects to suddenly gain inhuman strength and durability in order to comply with commands, as well as displaying the ability to alter their own appearance and genetic makeup if ordered. (One of the experiments on a subject at this stage involved pointing at an image of a human with opposite characteristics at the subject, and ordering the subject to disguise themselves as them. Rather than making a disguise, the subject was able to alter their height, weight, sex, hair and eye color, etc. in order to achieve this command, the manner in which this is done is still unknown) "

4. After 2 hours of continous exposure the Subject must be commanded to do anything, they are unable to do even tasks as simple as allowing their own hearts to beat. At this stage, subjects must be told to eat, breath, drink, and specifically instructed on how to move or do anything. Subjects at this stage will often die from cardiac arrest or suffocation.

Discovered approximately 3 years ago, SCP-XXX is now known to have originated in the Mayan Civilization. Although the precise manner of which it was created is still unknown, although examination of both ancient murals and the object itself have revealed the manner in which it was used. According to these accounts, prisoners, slaves, and sometimes war criminals would be sealed in a room with SCP-XXX until they reached stage 3, in which the rest of their lives would be dedicated to mindless labor and servitude under whoever they are assigned.]