The Secret

Item #: SCP-3982

Object Class: Thaumiel.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3982 is to be kept in a secure containment cell in site [REDACTED]. The subject is to be kept in a secure 1km by 1km virtual reality chamber designed to replicate an area of the Midwestern United States. This chamber is to be staffed at all times by a group of d-class personnel who have undergone “Personality Training” as documented in document [DATA LOST]. There are a total of 16 Level 1- Scranton reality anchors placed in and around the chamber, and a constant pressure of 200 humes is to be maintained at all times inside the chamber. If SCP-3982 shows any signs of activity, the humes inside the chamber may be raised to as high as 10,000 humes safely, and in the case of a potential break, can theoretically reach 20,000 humes, though as such levels have been recorded to be inherently unstable, this action is not advised, as hume theorists have hypothesized that this level of hume concentration could damage the very fabric of existence. A full team of SRA technicians is to be kept on site and will service the SRA’s daily. Technicians are to be rotated out on a monthly basis to avoid strain. In addition to these measures, the chamber is to be enclosed in a carbon-obsidian alloy several meters thick, as it is known SCP-3982 has allies on the outside, most notably the SCP’s that make up “The Family”. SCP-3982 has proven to be an effective tool for testing out equipment, physics, and SCP's within high hume environments safely, as SCP-3982 seems physically immune to any amount of hume pressure, with high humes only shutting off it's abilities.

Description: SCP-3982 is a Caucasian male in his mid-to-late 20’s as of June 3rd [REDACTED]. SCP-3982 was first discovered as a child during a routine study of hume concentrations in ordinary humans. At the time, the boy who would become SCP-3982 had the highest natural hume concentration ever recorded. The boy was quickly taken into foundation custody for examination. Surveillance of the boy quickly revealed he was a reality-bender, albeit an unknowing one, and steps were put into place to ensure the boy, now known as SCP-3982, was kept under control. Under amnesiacs and sleeping gas, SCP-3982 was forced to forget his childhood, and an alternative past was implanted in his brain. He was then placed inside of a foundation standard virtual reality chamber and given new simulated parents to match the constructed past. The situation remained stable until about SCP-3982 reached the age of 17, at which point SCP-3982 became restless and began to act erratically, believing he was communicating with disembodied souls, and regaining memories of past lives. This is believed to have been partially stirred on by the death of his mother within the simulation. At this point, his reality-bending became much more notable, and he was feared to soon develop conscious control of its abilities. SCP-3982 attempted to initiate a containment breach but crashed the simulation he was within in the process, making him fall into a coma. The chamber was then reinforced, repaired, and bolstered with the specifications listed above. The full abilities of SCP-3892 are unknown, but it is capable of exerting a hume pressure in excess of 50,000, far greater than anything on record, and theoretically capable of anything. While it is believed to be incapable of escaping from its own cell without badly damaging itself, it has been able to maintain contact with a group of SCP’s collectively referred to as the “The Family”, which have attempted to free it on numerous occasions, and have caused great damage to the foundation. SCP-3892 appears to believe these SCP’s are friends from past lives and appears to be able to form telepathic connections with them, that are currently unable to be blocked. SCP-3982 since it's agitation event has been constantly emitting high levels of energy into it's surrounding enviroment, and has proven to be a reliable power source. The amount of power it produces is enough to not only power the SRAs and computer systems keeping it contained, but the entirety of Site [REDACTED], while also producing excess energy that is funneled to other sites on a daily basis.