SCP - 'The Sublime Sarcophagus' (By Burgerdrod)



Photo of SCP-XXX taken in 1912 after its initial discovery at an archaeological excavation at Macchu Picchu. (Cloth wrap around the eyes applied by native guides after the first recorded occurrence of XX-1)

Item #:

Object Class:

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a concrete cell facing away from any door or observation window. A camera must be installed behind the object, the video feed transmitted to security and research observation deck 12-A and routinely monitored for any anomalies. SCP-XXXX must be equipped with a specialized visor fashioned from high-density fiberglass. Should the visor be removed or somehow destroyed, research personnel who have memorized the cell dimensions must be deployed to position a high-density fiberglass panel in front of SCP-XXXX until a replacement visor has arrived. Personnel must be wearing completely opaque safety goggles.

SCP-XXXX is a small humanoid statue strikingly similar in style to ancient clay figures excavated from Machu Picchu. The object consists of three parts:

The outer casing of the object is composed of an iron-nickel alloy1 and stands roughly 34 cm tall, taking the form of a protective suite. The two hollow shafts extending from behind are thought to be a form of exhaust pipe intended for the release of any residual energy following the occurrence of XX-1.

The inner figurine is primarily composed of hardened clay similar in chemical composition to mineral samples retrieved from a recent asteroid impact in central Australia2. X-ray examination suggests the obscured body consistent with the humanoid form of the head. the figure stands roughly 28 cm tall.

The head is made from the same substance as the body. When discovered, it took the form of a caucasian male visually similar to Sir ████████, the English Archeologist first both to uncover SCP-XXXX and to undergo XX-1. The eyes of the figurine are composed of an unknown crystallized mineral. X-ray examination has revealed that they connect to a larger deposit of the unknown mineral embedded within the clay figurines head via two wires of the same alloy as the outer shell. No further examination has been conducted on the eyes in precaution against XX-1.

XX-1 is the designation of the object's related anomalous occurrence. an instance of XX-1 is triggered when any individual makes eye contact with the figurine. During instances of XX-1, the crystalline structure embedded within the head of SCP-XXXX will begin to emit powerful spikes of electrical energy3. This electrical charge is directed through the 'eyes' of the figurine, which focus the energy into concentrated arcs aimed directly into the eyes of the affected individual. This is made considerably easier by a strong psychoactive lock SCP-XXXX imposes on the affected upon eye contact.

Upon what is hypothesized to be the arcs' contact with the retina, the affected will immediately phase out of existence Security clearance - 3 or higher required. Thermal imaging and examination of slow-motion recordings of this event provide no clear evidence of where the affected goes/how it is destroyed. Disappearance is immediate.

Following an XX-1 event, the face of SCP-XXXX will immediately restructure to resemble a crude reproduction of the affected individual. This was discovered when SCP-XXXX took the form of Dr. Zhou, a low-level researcher who underwent an instance of XX-1 when she removed an old cloth wrap from around SCP-XXXX's eyes during a routine foundation sweep and clean-out.


Two days after Dr. Zhou's disappearance, the recently deceased remains of Sir ████████4 were found at the base of a sheer cliff face towards the northern end of Macchu Picchu. The body was discovered by two foundation field agents, posing as backpackers, sweeping the archeological site for clues into the nature of SCP-XXXX following the instance of XX-1 that lead to Dr. Zhou's disappearance. After identification, the body was swiftly transported to the nearest foundation sight for examination and autopsy. See results below.


Name Sir Edmund █. ████████
Age, Race, Sex 162 Years Caucasian Male. (It must be noted, despite actual age, body resembles that of a healthy individual in their early fifties.)
Procedure External Examination
Date of death 12/6/20██. (estimated)
Date and Time of examination 14/6/20██. 4:30pm
Cause of death Blunt force trauma to head and spine.
Manner Fall from a great height, likely suicide.
Examination performed by S. Steven Guillen, M.D. Foundation Medical Examiner.
External examination
When found, body still displayed effects of waning rigor mortis, suggesting subject died within a period of 48 hours. Little to no signs of decomposition on body despite the hot and wet atmosphere of the location of discovery. Skull and spine cracked in several places, suggesting a headlong dive from the cliff face. Death was likely instantaneous. No other instances of tissue damage save a small puncture at the back of the neck. The body does not in any way reflect it's physical age. Muscle mass is optimal. Intestinal flora is balanced and healthy. Fat to muscle ratio similar to that of rigorously trained foundation security personnel.
Clothing and personal items
Subject was wearing: 1x Worn linen shirt. 1x Pair of linen trousers. 1x Pocketed waistcoat. 2x linen undergarments (underpants and thermal shirt) 2x Worn leather boots 1x Cracked pith Helmet. Objects found above cliff face (likely subject's): 1x Inkwell w/ ink. 1x Dip pen. 1x Journal. 1x Small rucksack containing: 1x Water bottle, 1x Pocket telescope. Object found in subject's right hand: 1x Hastily written note

Below is a transcription of what is presumed to be Sir ████████'s suicide note:
(N.B handwriting was scrawled and near illegible. Estimations marked with [?]. Estimated punctuation also added for ease of understanding)

I, [Illapa?]spawn, thunderous and [virile?]. I am in pain. Ugly decay, [chaos?], death, it [floods?] my eyes and torments my soul. The great pleasure of pleasure has fled and I must pursue it - I MUST [RETURN?]

Following the discovery of the deceased Sir ████████, foundation scientists believe that an event of XX-1 does not destroy the affected individual and instead displaces them. As a result, scientific testing of SCP-XXXX was resumed immediately to establish retrieval of Dr. Zhou. See attached for results of tests 1 through 4-XX.