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SCP-XXXX and housing as seen from Checkpoint 1 on the ████████ Highway, Central Ukraine.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

All data received from decryption of SCP-XXXX transmissions must be presented immediately to the current serving Task Force Logistics Coordinator for swift dispatch of collection teams. Drops which could not be contained, whether through location of drop or intervention of third parties, must be reported at once to Task Group 10339 for further action. Any further reports of third parties known to be in possession of receiver equipment, along with reports of third parties retrieving package drops, must be treated as an immediate Gamma Level Threat.

Ground station propagating SCP-XXXX radio signal is currently in containment within a local security perimeter designated Field Site 853. A security cordon warning of electric shock risks and structural instability has been erected around the site, and checkpoints are in operation on surrounding roads. Due to the nature of the subject and its remoteness from any major population center, higher-security containment has been deemed unnecessary. Long-range broadcast equipment present at the site upon its acquisition has been rendered inoperable and removed by Foundation personnel, essentially reducing the risk of data leak to zero.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a global radiowave phenomenon broadcasting the locations of a number of anomalous items deemed significant to Foundation interests. The signal is broadcast on the frequency ██.████ - ██.██KHz at a power of 440Kw, strong enough to propagate globally under ideal conditions. Information is conferred through binary digits corresponding to numerical units representing time in hours, weeks, and days, while the ciphers for "N", "S", "E" and "W" are conferred by a unique binary register.

Data received from SCP-XXXX designates a set of coordinates, most commonly along the latitude range ██°-██°, and a time. At the location and time specified, an instance of SCP-XXXX is deposited. It is impossible at this time to ascertain the means by which this is accomplished. SCP-XXXX broadcasts roll over roughly every 28 hours, with the original location and time broadcast continuously until this time has elapsed. Although the station is not know to be in the possession of any known group or state, the station operates with a callsign, broadcast at the beginning and end of each transmission: the station identifies itself as "ULDRA", except on ██/██/██ when the callsign [REDACTED] was instead employed.

SCP-XXXX-1 refers to the former long-range communications center situated approximately 180 miles west of ███████████, Uzbekistan, which currently broadcasts the location, date and times of SCP-XXXX items. The site currently contains a satellite parabola with requisite housing and power supplies, a VLF broadcast antenna array, and a brick building housing equipment necessary for the operation of the site.

Instances of SCP-XXXX

Package drops indicated by SCP-XXXX have been found to contain up to five objects, constructed almost exclusively of alloy steel. The objects seem individually purposeless in nature, and vary in appearance from convoluted or complex and appearing to require further assembly, to a form recognisable as a terrestrial object. The exception to this is the second obtained drop, which contained a piece of A4 paper, contained within an envelope and detailing a list of names, locations and times, given in a format identical to that broadcast by SCP-XXXX: along with this were three components, which were subsequently assembled at the drop site and transferred to the Secure Containment Locker of Site-14. The Procurement Team assigned to Drop 2 were subsequently reassigned to Project Receiver.

The equipment still stationed at Field Site 853 has been left as found when first recovered by Foundation personnel, with the exception of the central parabola, which has been dismantled, and the broadcast antenna array, which was disconnected upon site acquisition by Project Receiver. The local-broadcast antenna lack the requisite range to be of risk to Foundation operations in the area. Transmissions are currently being logged, and are stored in Databank 08, Site 86.

Further observation is necessary to ensure the reliability of the drops: however, owing to the lack of a demonstrable pattern between the coordinates broadcast, collection of every drop has been deemed to be of low priority at this time. Operations are currently on hold until a pattern can be established between drop locations.

Circumstances surrounding Foundation acquisition of SCP-XXXX

Børselvosen, Northern Norway. Site of first confirmed package drop.

The first known instance of SCP-XXXX was recovered in Børselvosen, Norway, on ██/██/1943 by British military personnel, after decryption of a radio signal assumed to be of German origin. The package obtained was carried by personnel of the ██th and ██rd Battalions until the events of Omaha Bay, when the package was deemed lost after the carrier agent was killed by machine-gun fire. However, on ██/██/44, reports were submitted to the British Special Operations Executive of a package which had come into the possession of French Resistance fighters in Rouens, the contents of which had allegedly been used in the capture and termination of German counter-operative Hans ██████. Anomalously high levels of radiation were detected on ██████'s corpse after British Intelligence operatives retrieved the body for diplomatic purposes. Although SOE denied the dispatch of such a package, the report indicated that it had been delivered by an agent or agents claiming to be a part of Allied counter-intelligence operations. The eventual location or fate of the Resistance package is not currently known.

The site was first identified by the Foundation through monitoring of long-wave radio transmissions in Europe and Eurasia on ██/██/19██ following [REDACTED], and was initially identified as a low-level military broadcasting station, transmitting strings of data as a one-way communications system for local military operatives and personnel: many such sites exist and have since been cataloged by Foundation members in Project █████████. After the first broadcast received from the station by Foundation personnel was decrypted and interpreted, attempts to locate the site of origin were put aside to focus on the immediate effort to locate the area indicated by the broadcast. The site specified was swept to recover the San Antonio Package, subsequently designated Drop 1. After collaborative efforts made by Sites 12, 32 and 36 to triangulate the signal were successful, a containment team was dispatched to secure the facility.



Original Site of Recovery Lat/Long Contents of Package Date Recovered
Texas Container Drop Recycling container- Helotes, San Antonio, Texas 29°33′40.82″N 98°41′23.08″W 5 machined components ██/██/██
China Drop Loosely covered by debris by the side of the main thoroughfare- Sunwu County, Heilongjiang province, China 49°25'32.39''N 127°20'10.87''E Folded sheet of A4 paper, 3 machined components ██/██/██
Iran Cafe Drop In the possession of a waitress at a local hashish cafe- Showt, West Azerbaijan, Iran 39°13′09.002″N 44°46′12.000″E 4 machined components ██/██/██
India Parasol Drop Taped to the underside of a parasol in a children's play area- Silchar, Cachar District, Assam, India 24°49′07.37″N 92°48′28.98″E [REDACTED] ██/██/██
Canada Parks Drop At the base of an electrical pylon- Surge Narrows Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada 50°14′07.18″N 125°09′53.80″W 2 machined components, 3 unique components, postulated to be tools ██/██/██
Sweden Container Drop Inside an unlocked shipping container- Karlskrona, Blekinge County, Sweden 56°9'40.40''N 15°35'12.84''E 6 machined components ██/██/██