SCP-5379 & SCP-5379-1

Item #: SCP-5379

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures::
Unable to be contained so far.

Watching Procedures:
SCP-5379 is to be watched 24/7 in a stationary satellite cell far away of SCP-5379. Within the satellite, SCP-5379-1 is to be kept inside the satellite until it is deployed on Earth. It is expected to be deployed in a random city, it is expected to be watched at all times during its stay on Earth. All interactions regarding SCP-5739-1 is to be watched by NTF guards followed by the approval of O5 command.

SCP-5379 is a giant planet like star, the only inhabitant found on said star was SCP-5379-1, we'll get to that later. On SCP-5379's ground it seems to be a oversized Antarctica, completely covered with frozen drops of liquid. It seems to have come from SCP-5379-1.

SCP-5379-1 seems to be a unexplainable alien, when deployed on Earth it seems to change its body into a human, it seems to have two human forms that it likes. One is a female and another is male. What allows it to transform into said forms is also unexplainable. It seems to stick to its female form for unknown reasons, it doesn't seem to favor speaking to others, as we have attempted to get it on an interview.

Testing Log 53791a: The following is the transcript of an interview with SCP-5379-1 by Dr. █████.

Dr. █████ : Hello SCP-5379-1, If you are willing to speak for this interview, please answer me.

5379-1: Rrrr…Fine….

Dr. █████ : You seem to be upset, why is that?

5379-1: You won't leave me alone for at least one second, it's annoying.

Dr. █████ : If you don't let us interview you, we will proceed to continue attempting.

5379-1: Hmph, fine. Ask away.

Dr. █████ : You seem to have similarities to a SCP we have already interviewed, can you explain why?

5379-1: ……..

Dr. █████ : Alright then, we'll move on to the next question.

Dr. █████ : The strange liquid we found covering the star you live-

5379-1: Just call it a "planet."

Dr. █████ : You seem to catch onto our culture easily, alright.

Dr. █████ : The drops of liquid that cover your home planet, do they belong to you?

5379-1 Yes, they are mine.

Dr. █████ : Why are they there? Are they your version of tears, and if so is it because your lon-

(SCP-5379-1 proceeds to flee the vicinity, leaving marks on walls and lots of places.)

Dr. █████ : This interview was a failure, we may need to contain it.

(Interview ends)

SCP-5379-1 will obviously no longer be
pulled in for interviews, it seems
it will not cooperate.