Item #: SCP-####

Object Class: Keter

Containment Procedures: SCP-#### is not able to be contained currently due to both the nature of the object, and the object’s distance from containment locale; because of this, SCP-####’s behavior and potential movements are to be watched by astronomical personnel at Research Unit-█ via a high-powered radio telescope. All comprehensible communication waves received are to be transcribed and transmitted to SCP-####’s database at Site-█. An MTF Gamma team is assigned the task of preventing the knowledge of SCP-####’s existence from reaching the public’s collective consciousness through the media.

Description: SCP-#### is considered to be a gravitational anomaly, implying the existence of an unknown object in deep space outside the Milky Way, with an enormous concentration of mass over 100,000 (one hundred thousand) times the size of the Milky Way Galaxy. Discovered in 19██ by various scientific organizations, it was observed by a change in the movements of neighboring galaxies. It was also revealed to be within the vicinity of the Shapley Supercluster in 1982, responsible for the gravitational force acting on the Milky Way Galaxy which was pulling it towards the aforementioned Supercluster.

The anomalous nature of SCP-#### was not discovered until 19██, an astronomer at [REDACTED] began observing the object via radio telescope. Radio observations had revealed that there were intense radio waves originating from the same region as SCP-####. Further analysis of these waves shows that they were being sent in every direction across the known universe.

The first message from the region was transcribed from binary code, saying something along the lines of “sacrifice”. Over the course of the next three years following the initial message, SCP-####’s gravitational effects gradually increased in intensity, and the Milky Way Galaxy began to move faster in the direction of the Shapley Supercluster. Increasingly comprehensive transmissions were transcribed by SCP-#### during this period, such as “We shall be one/We are legion”. Analysis also showed that other galaxies were being pulled in at faster rates as well.

Addendum SCP-####-A: On █/█/20██, SCP-#### transmitted a message longer than any that had been seen before. This message was detected to have stretched even further beyond its normal range of transmission, and reads as follows:

There is no hope, no chance, no escape, from the inevitable end that awaits this realm. Eons have passed, and in your cosmic cradles you have slept soundly, indifferent to the dangers that lurk among the stars, and the dark expanse of space, but no longer shall I tolerate this ignorance. Your time has run out, for I have awakened, and my hunger for the stars is nigh insatiable. Ignore my presence all you like- I know you are there, and no amount of faith can dissuade my passion for pure, universal death. We shall all share an end- we shall all share an oblivion. Time will not stop me, space will not stop me, nothing will stop me, for I have died and I am taking you all with me.