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Still from broadcast corrupted by SCP-XXXX, during lecture intended to educate viewers on the nutritional content of onions

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX is a phenomenon which interrupts, corrupts, and alters live or prerecorded television broadcasts.

SCP-XXXX's affects on television programming typically take the form of significant audiovisual corruption, which is essentially indistinguishable from ordinary satellite interference or other forms of technical malfunction. Approximately 86% of SCP-XXXX broadcasts have been determined to consist solely of this signal corruption, with the only indication of SCP-XXXX's presence being an additional subtle, but distinct, visual wavering pattern which oscillates at approximately 99 Hz. This distortion is present in each SCP-XXXX manifestation regardless of content, but is not detectable by the unaided eye and as a result goes unnoticed by the majority of the civilian populace.

The remaining 14% of SCP-XXXX-affected broadcasts will have their content noticeably altered in some way. This varies greatly in both extent and substance. Recorded alterations have consisted of as little as a single word of character dialogue transposed for another, or as much as programs with new characters and entirely restructured plots which deviate significantly from their originals. Content alterations with dialogue will be predominantly coherent in terms of sentence structure and grammar, but may contain unknown words, and will occasionally allude to or address esoteric, enigmatic, or inscrutable topics in an oblique fashion. Non-dialogue alterations appear to possess no discernible pattern, but will frequently involve characters performing actions or engaging in behaviors entirely divergent from their established and scripted norms. A selection of notable examples follows below.

Date Localized Broadcast Location Scheduled Program Program Deviations
04 April 1959 Boulder, Colorado, USA, approximately 40,000 televisions affected I Love Lucy, Season 2, Episode 10, “Lucy Is Enceinte” Episode deviates from baseline at 2:30. Lucy returns from her appointment at the doctor's office as normal, but upon being informed, Ethel reacts to Lucy's news of her newfound pregnancy with vehement negativity as opposed to positivity, to the point of overturning tables and breaking furniture while shouting various expletives. The remainder of the episode consists entirely of a debate between Lucy and Ethel concerning the moral implications of choosing to raise a child in contemporary society. Lucy remains stoic and calm and argues in favor of contemporary childbearing with uncharacteristic eloquence, while Ethel perches upon an overturned couch and angrily demands that Lucy terminate the pregnancy, claiming that bringing a child to term in modern America is tantamount to infanticide. Episode cuts to black abruptly and at the scheduled time with no resolution to the debate, with no end slate or credits.
22 February 1976 Manchester, United Kingdom, approximately 100,000 televisions affected The Twilight Zone, Season 1, Episode 2, “One for the Angels” Episode deviates from established plot immediately. The primary character, Lou Bookman, portrayed in the original episode as a kind and friendly old man, is characterized instead as a foul-tempered, bitter, and miserable retiree who lives alone and is dying of COPD1 resultant from a lifelong smoking habit. The character of Mr. Death is played by an unknown middle-aged actor rather than a young Murray Hamilton, and is smoking a cigarette in each scene. Mr. Death is silent upon his appearance, and the bedridden Bookman spends the initial part of the episode angrily protesting against the presence of this apparent intruder, before suddenly realizing of his own accord that the stranger is Death and has come for his soul. Bookman then begins pleading and proposes various bargains, including volunteering to murder children and offer their souls in exchange for his. Mr. Death listens silently to these protestations for approximately 12 minutes as Bookman becomes increasingly desparate, then speaks, asking Bookman why he clings to life so strongly when he clearly has nothing to live for and has never indicated a desire to participate in anything that life has to offer. Bookman is unable to muster a response to this, and lapses into silence. Mr. Death approaches Bookman's bed and offers him a last cigarette. Bookman wordlessly accepts, and upon finishing it, Mr. Death disappears, and Bookman expires. Remaining 9 minutes consist of an extended shot of Bookman's motionless corpse, and episode fades to end credits.
06 March 2014 Anchorage, Alaska, USA Worst Cooks in America, Season 5, Episode 3 Episode deviates from baseline immediately following introduction and previous episode recap. Series host Anne Burrell spends entirety of episode firmly insisting that each contestant incorporate an inordinate amount of onions into each of their dishes, occasionally to the point of demanding that their meals should consist entirely of various preparations of onions. Contestants and other judges react to this with hesitation and confusion, but acquiesce when Burrell strongly implies that any contestant that does not provide a meal entirely composed of onions will be eliminated from the competition. Individual camera asides with Burrell, during which a judge generally reflects upon the events and state of the current round of competition, instead consist of Burrell determinedly lecturing the viewer on the health benefits of eating onions as well as highly specific and detailed scientific facts concerning the plant genus Allium, to which onions belong. During the evaluation portion of the program, wherein contestants provide their meals to the judges for tasting, each judge reacts to the contestants' highly onion-centric meals with distaste and refuse to continue eating after initial tasting. The exception is Burrell, who energetically and sloppily consumes her meal without the use of eating utensils before seizing the other judges' plates and consuming their meals in their entirety, without consulting her colleagues or otherwise speaking. This process occupies 7 minutes of unedited, uninterrupted footage, during which all other individuals present observe Burrell in visibly uncomfortable silence. Burrell then eliminates contestants Ken Hsu and Joe Slaughter on the grounds of “disrespecting the true value of the onion”, and the episode ends as normal.