Rattman's Rifle (formerly Callahan Special)
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: [When not in use by personnel in the field SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a padded rifle case and locked in secure storage closet 9 of Site ██

Staff assigned to the care and maintenance of XXXX are to undergo bi weekly psychiatric screening, any signs of mental distress is grounds for immediate reassignment.]

Description: [SCP-XXXX can take on multiple forms due to its unique nature. Direct and indirect examination has proven inconclusive as to what material XXXX is made up of and how it is able to change shape.

When bonded with a user it takes on the form and function of their favorite firearm and will remain as such until a new user is chosen. It is presently unknown how the object chooses its user.

Bonded users of XXXX have stated that the weapon "speaks" to them, offering advice and tactical suggestions as needed.]

Acquisition: [SCP-XXXX was acquired by foundation staff after an outbreak of SCP-███ occurred in [redacted].

The lone survivor was initially believed to be withdrawn and undergoing a form of post traumatic stress disorder due to the events that had befallen his community. When disarmed the survivor immediately became distraught as though a close friend had just been taken away and had to be sedated due to the struggle. At this point XXXX's anomalous properties manifested, shape-shifting from at that point a 12 gauge shotgun into a 1911 pistol, the favored weapon of [redacted] who was present at the time.]