Item #:** SCP-0000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All Specimens of SCP-0000 Are to be placed in a 70 meter by 50 meter by 80 meter room with no lightning of any kind allowed, in addition pressure sensors are to be placed within the room at regular intervals at 1.5 meters and constantly monitored for variances in the number of specimens. In the event of any going missing the site is to go under immediate lock down and the lights throughout the entire facility are to be extinguished.

While blindfolded agents with sonar equipment and tranquilizer guns are to be dispatched and return the specimens to their enclosure by means of a one way airlock door. Also, for each grown specimen of SCP-0000 50 pounds of raw meat are to be provided a day. In the event that the site is isolated from delivery of the supplies, D-class personal of an equivalent weight are to be provided for their consumption.

Description:Due to the accidental crossbreeding of SCP-247 with a male specimen of SCP-2558-J-Ex SCP-0000 was created, they are a mixture of felines that when they are born are typical of the normal size for common kittens they will continue to grow at the normal rate for a total of 6 weeks, then they shall switch over to the growth cycle of the tiger while visually appearing to be normal house cats, they shall in fact be tigers of an average to large size. If viewed by any living creature or monitoring device (including those aware of their true nature) shall be convinced that is in fact a typical house cat. Then immediately become infatuated with the specimen and begin to pet it's fur before after a period exceeding no more then two hours SCP-0000 devours the creature. Through continues testing it has been proven impossible for any known creature to willingly cause harm to an instance of SCP-0000. So, if they were to be released into the wild. Either by accident of design and allowed to breed, there is the potential that they may be impossible to stop.