Coldest War

Team Members

  • Kalinin (Captain)
  • Vezaz
  • Scantron
  • Salman Corbette


If anyone commits to making a draft of a certain topic, they should be sure to put it here. Note: I'm hoping people will post synopses of the tales they're working on so far here; if anyone has any comments on how these could be generally improved thematically, please post! -K

Beginning (Working Title: The Wichita Affair): Assigned to Kalinin The United States approaches the Foundation in the wake of the Soviet establishment of a nuclear deterrent in 1949. The Foundation desperately tries to avoid becoming embroiled in an escalating conflict between the superpowers, leading to a Foundation operative taking drastic action with profound consequences.

Duck and Cover (Working Title): ASSIGNED BY SAL TO SAL F U BITCHES —A transcript (or possibly a video) of an instructional video shown to personnel regarding nuclear threats and containment. — Done

The End (No Working Title Yet): Assigned to KalininThe three powers are at the brink. The Soviet Union has hastened the development of Project December (aka SCP-1984) to deal with an increasingly unstable conflict. Egypt and the Middle East are in chaos as conflict rages between the US and the Foundation. A bold military maneuver to end the conflict once and for all is underway in Israel, but only the Foundation knows the danger it poses to the world. MTF Agent Katerina Nechayeva is sent to Siberia to stop Project December and halt nuclear extinction.

Misnomer (Working title): Assigned to Scantron An American researcher by the name of Maurice Sterling is tasked with overseeing analysis of the things that the USA and USSR have been weaponizing. A conversation between him and his colleague, Albert Raskalov, showcase how ideology can affect science. At some point, it will be observed that the phrase "arms race" makes no sense, since you need legs to run. Hence the title.

Links to Drafts -A draft of an excerpt from NSC 68, discussing cold war ideology and the occult. Let me know what you think! I'm thinking about breaking up the body with dialogue excerpts from random characters, or maybe weaving it into a tale. But it could also stand alone. -V - An audio log + transcript of an introductory voice clip to a cold war SCP containment site. The audio log deviates a little… - Sal

Misnomer - A draft of Misnomer, from above. I changed the names so I could use characters I was more familiar with.

Links to Posted Articles

There's nothing here… yet.


A great source for capturing the tone of American official language and ideology from those days. -V

Proposed Tales

Something involving Space- Salmon
Foundation flees the United States- Vezaz
Ideological clashes within the Foundation- Scantron
Activating SCP-1984- Kalinin
American reaction to the Soviet atom bomb- kalinin

We should have a group meeting this week- it's ten days till people can start posting, and we want to have a good idea of which stories are being written and how they link together well before that.

Kalinin and I were discussing a broad arc for the universe. All of this can be changed or shifted around, of course. Here's what we envisioned: We start with a real-life crisis point that brings the Foundation into conflict with the Soviets and US and introduces SCPs to the conflict. Then we work through key points in the cold war with SCPs thrown into the mix, gradually ramping up the deviation from reality.

The key points we've got so far are that the Foundation's goal is to prevent the desctruction of the world by nuke or scp; that Nasser and Tito and Nehru are the Foundation's biggest allies, and that we want the deviation from history to be gradual, anomalous influence starting behind the scenes and pushing outward.

Hypothetical timeline-
-August 29, 1949: First Soviet atomic bomb test. America panics and reaches out to the Foundation, demanding access to potential weapons.

  • If we all like the idea of this idea of the timeline (I'm on board), I'm interested in doing this tale and/or the last one (see below) -K

-June 25, 1950: Korean War begins. Government pressure intensifies greatly. Now Soviets and US both are demanding anomalous items. The Foundation sees the writing on the wall and evacuates the most important SCPs and equipment to nonaligned countries and secondary bases mostly out of reach of the two super powers. The evacuation is by sea and air and takes place over the next several years.

-1953: Nasser takes power in Egypt (put in power by the Foundation?)

-1955: Bandung Conference of non-aligned leaders (Meeting with O5's?)

-1956: Suez Crisis (Anti-Foundation activity?)

-1960: U-2 Incident & Eisenhower/Kruschev clash (anomalies involved?)

-1962-63 Cuban Missile Crisis & JFK assassination

-19?? "Dead Hand" system activated in Soviet Union, perhaps in response to CMC

  • If no one objects, I'd also like to try my hand at this tale. At least one of us has to do two tales, and I'd be happy to step up. I'd also be thrilled if we pumped out more than 5. -K

I like the idea of keeping the timeline from 1949-1962. There's a ton of great events we can twist or incorporate and it's got a lot of great characters and leaders to play with, and it's compact so we won't overreach ourselves.

The other big thing is, how are all our tales going to fit together? Just a thematic tie in, or characters in common, or what?

  • I like the concept of a central cast of characters that will bleed into each other's stories. One Foundation protagonist at least, and a heavy-type character from both the Soviet and US camps. -K
    • Seconding central characters. The position that makes the most sense for a Foundation character would be some sort of diplomat or strategist. Of course, it may be wise to have both in some capacity. And I like the timeline outlined above. Edit: We'd have to make sure they were memorable somehow. Larger-than-life but still realistic might be something to aim for, if that makes any sense.- Scantron

Let me know what you think of all this- these are just ideas. -v

Anyways. Ideas I had include:

  1. The Foundation foists off some SCP onto a government or a person to hinder it (my thought is that an ingot of SCP-148 disguised as a gift would make an excellent soft-assassination device).
    • I don't like the idea of the foundation giving over the telekill ally to their enemies willingly…seems shortsighted. -vezaz
    • I like the general principle of this kind of story, but I do agree that handing over a skip would be kind of unreasonably dangerous. Maybe this could be the beginning of stuff going wrong? The Foundation gets word of a program on one side or the other that needs to be suppressed. The Foundation needs to take out a high-value target, and needs to use a skip themselves to do it. The tale could be the use of some weird, little-referenced SCP in a creative way to assassinate a scientist/politician etc. But then that starts all the shit, a la WW I. -K
  2. A soviet or US agent interrogates a Foundation agent and gets more than he bargains for.
    • This could be good. Anything Cold War-related needs a spy story. This could be the end of a tale involving an undercover operative playing a cat-and-mouse game with enemy intelligence assets, in the style of a John Le Carre story. -K
  3. The Foundation neutralizes one or more SCPs being used by a superpower in some manner. Sort of like that one tale that escapes me at the moment, where they use the scribble-what-makes-you-copy-it-and-show-it-to-people-and-then-they-all-die in Vietnam.
    • I see this as tied into the "secret agent" story above. -K
  4. Some researchers interpret a particular SCP differently due to their political feelings. This would be a side-by-side SCP-as-tale, or perhaps just excerpts of an SCP report from two perspectives.
    • This I reeeeaallly like. I'll comb through the skips and try and find one that lends itself to this. -K
      • If nobody minds, once an SCP is chosen for this, I'll take this one.- Scantron
  5. A story at the end describing the world as it's been changed from ours as the result of a three-sided, anomalous cold war. I want to avoid "TEH APOCALYPSE" as much as possible, but the world and the resulting balance of power will look very different than our own. -K
  6. Some sort of technical narrative tying the disparate elements together. Maybe something like an after-action report summarizing what's happened, with historical background and links to what we write scattered throughout (this would serve as our hub page). POV could be Soviet, American, or Foundation. -K
  7. An attack on a Foundation Site located in a Non-Aligned country, and the political implications thereof -K

Do any of these sound good?- Scantron

  • That scribble tale in vietnam is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking about, though we don't just want to imitate it :P -vezaz

Here are some ideas:

  • Chernobyl either being caused by or used as a cover-up for an SCP, although this is kind of cliche
  • An attempt to take a small SCP through the iron curtain
  • Cuban Missile Crisis - Exacerbated by a marine SCP
  • Something about the space race. Did the Foundation fake the moon missions (Probably not, too cliche)? This would be an ideal moment to include SCP-1959 created as the result of American interference in the Soviet space race. Could even just be mentioned off-hand.
  • The Ukrainian famine and SCP-610
  • The tenants of National Socialism being based off SCP-1006 (Although historically this would be a bit iffy, since ideas of social equality have been around since Plato)
  • SCP-1922-J anyone?


In regard to (my) theme:

[21:52] salmander I'd rather do themes about the threat of sudden or certain death
[21:52] salmander ideas of detent and mutually assuered destruction
[21:53] salmander since, for me, that's what was really scary and perhaps cathartic about the cold war
[21:53] salmander holding a loved one as flash rolls by and slowly melts you to death

Team Name: I'm not a huge fan of "0th World", as "zeroeth" sounds really weird in my head. We can put suggestions under this heading: -K

  • Last Superpower Standing
  • Mutually Assured Deviation
  • Trilateral Cold War (boring but to the point, also not a pun)
  • The Wichita Affair (working title in my head for the inaugural "so yeah, that just happened" tale)
    • Puns seem the naming style du jour, for what it's worth. These are all good, though I prefer Mutually Assured Deviation (or some play on Mutually Assured ______) and The Wichita Affair. Third World Order might be interesting as well, if not necessarily thematic.- Scantron
    • More name ideas: Warsaw Impactors, NATOrious 4, Checkpoint Charlies - Sal

vezaz recommended we gather a list of all the cold-war related SCPs that are already on the site. Given how America-centric the site is, compiling a list of USA-related articles would be an exercise in futility. Here's an incomplete list of Soviet-related articles, though:

  • SCP-356 (Pretty much anything about this guy)
  • SCP-540 (Article on superpower efforts to create unique weapons)
  • SCP-741
  • SCP-770 (USA keeps track of Soviet nuclear disasters?)
  • SCP-1178
  • SCP-1227
  • SCP-1232
  • SCP-1427 (Foundation getting them to keep hold of this)
  • SCP-1760 (created by a mad Soviet scientist)
  • SCP-1959 (very loosely related, but could be useful somehow)
  • SCP-1984 (scene of this getting switched on would rock)

There are tales, too, but I'm not sure how we'd want to use those, exactly.- Scantron

Salmander's expressed interest in joining the team. Obviously has experience with tales, claims to have a good understanding of socialism. I'd give him my support.- Scantron Since we haven't heard back from spike yet that I know of, this sounds good. Sal, if you're reading this, PM me or respond here, and I'll add our team to the page. -K