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Item #: SCP-3980

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3980 is to be kept in a dark room, cleansed of any skin flakes lest it regenerate. It is to always be facing the other way from the entrance next to the back wall. The walls are to be manually checked for any openings if anyone else was interacting with the object; if there is ever a follower or victim of SCP-3980, the walls are to be covered with Francium and an appliance such as a remote-lighter to ignite the Francium - the document will be sealed in a glass containment chamber as this is happening.

Description: SCP-3980 is a paper which writes itself according to what you are thinking. Although sometimes it agrees with you, the paper sometimes attempts to argue with you in your own mind.

Even though SCP-3980 has no brain and is seemingly not memetic, the effects of it are p-ermanant. It causes you to get a bit more lazy in your writing.. and only want to argue with it. Not only that, it also has a memetic factor that's not seemingly memetic. It isn't in my brain right now.

Only Class-P Personel. Personal Personel are Allowed to See This Unless You Are [DATA EXPUNGED] :) The Scp Is Very Playful

SCP-3980 mainly affects the reptile brain. It uses digestive enzymes to digest the frontal lobe and then fills the cavity with bone, effectively making the cranium bullet-proof. Since only one entity has ever been "used" by SCP-3980 at one time victims are not considered SCP-3980-1 but just SCP-3980. SCP-3980 pumps peptides into the arms, making them increase massively in muscle mass. However, the legs are short and wimpy, even digested a bit, to make way for the biggest part, the boils. The boils will explode after SCP-3980 has completed it's task and signal that it is satisfied. The liquid coming out of the boils is a special gift to the foundation, as it reportedly says ( ( Contact Removed ) # ( Contact Removed ) and D-12147a5 confirmed this) that it is something the foundation dearly needs.

"Gift" What the facility needed
Sun Bear stem cells Reconstructive cells of a large, bearlike mammal
Perch Eggs Feed for captive SCPs that require nutrients
Solid Brain-like organic computer Possible alternative transfer for SCP-079 not involved in any online/connected activities
Cro-Magnon Skull Fragments Early european human research involving ancient SCPs

Interview with the infected scientist proves very little in terms of research on the object, but we still managed to coax some information of him. SCP-3980 seems to be decaying the olfactory senses, so he is able to eat anything and is capable of digesting wood, uranium, strontium, americium, snippets of SCP-682's scales unwashed from acid baths and more.

Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED] strangled everyone at the end of this message by pulling out their spine and gnawing at the spinal cord, which means he has super-human strength. By the end of the mes

Interviewed: Dr. █████ Von ████

Interviewer: ██████

Foreword: Dr. ██████ Von ████ is acting hysterical and is asked to come to a private and protected room for an interview after viewing SCP-3980.


██████: Hello. How are you doing, Dr. █████ Von ████? We're just here to collect information on you.

Dr. █████ Von ████: Hah! How funny of you to ask! So funny. Really funny. Good funny. How's SCP-3980, the ████ing aggressive ███ NPC.. no… SPC or SCP or whatever that you uh.. made me ████ing research. That thing is so good! What a tentacious, cruel document, hah! Where's Mr. ████████?

██████: Excuse me, Dr. █████ Von ████, are you feeling okay? Can you describe your feelings for me?

Recording Restart - SCP Interference.

(Autosaved Response)

Dr. █████ Von ████: You don't ███ing know my pain. Do you ███ing know my pain? I don't. Tell me. I feel like i'm drugged up on █████ brand amnesiacs and i'm somehow still feeling! Have you ever wanted to uh.. scrape your skin off and like uh.. eat it? Eat the skin flakes? I did that as a kid. Did you?

<End Transmission. (Recording Force Stop)>

Closing Statement: (Data removed. Cognitohazard first part forced into system. SCP security auto-removed. Data removed log #215812) and then proceeds to smash a small glass at the camera, removing the recording but the audio is still running. From what we can hear, he is scratching his skin off. His eyeballs? What are those.. gushing things coming out of him?

The SCP likes to make itself non-threatening, even "radical" as it calls itself, and specifically targets members of explicit past trauma involving memetic incidents or familial issues.