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Item Number: SCP-ZZZZ

Object Class: Safe

Containment Procedures: SCP-ZZZZ is to be held in a containment chamber at Site-XX with a ceiling of at least 6m. Testing of SCP-ZZZZ must be approved by personnel of level 4 or higher, to avoid unnecessary damage to the item. As by-products of testing have been proven non-anomalous, they may be requisitioned by Site-XX personnel by submitting form ZZZZ-A-12. Please note that as of 20/12/2017, all toys previously produced by SCP-ZZZZ testing have been requisitioned.

Description: SCP-ZZZZ is a sculpture of a pine tree, 5m in height and 2m in maximum diameter, consisting of a wrought-iron frame and over 12,000 cylindrical glass 'needles' measuring 3-5cm in length and 2mm in diameter.1 An inscription at the base of the sculpture reads "Infusion". SCP-ZZZZ's anomalous effect occurs when one of the needles is broken into two or more distinct pieces. All fragments of the needle will vanish, and a small toy, appropriate for a child between the ages of 5 and 10, will materialize in their place. Toys produced this way have included dolls, stuffed animals, board games, and small construction sets. These items are non-anomalous, and those with legible bar codes have been successfully tracked to various stores in the Southern Ontario area, although purchase history could not be verified. Testing has shown that needles taken from the left side of the sculpture (relative to the inscription) tend to produce toys commonly marketed towards boys, while the right side produces toys marketed towards girls.

Addendum ZZZZ-1: During routing testing on 13/10/2017, the following handwritten note materialized instead of the expected toy:

Since this event, all testing has resulted in the materialization of uniform 25g charcoal briquettes.