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An member of SCP-XXXX prior to containment

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Sufficient space is to be provided for SCP-XXXX's hive to avoid overcrowding, such space can be an isolated field with at least an 18m x 18m perimeter or a containment chamber of similar dimensions. If the hive does not have access to sunlight, the ceiling of the chamber is to be mounted with multiple UV lights that are to provide cycling illumination throughout the day. Several wireless smokers are to be situated in proximity to the hive and activated in the event of the unwarranted activation of SCP-XXXX. The floor of the chamber is to be layered with at least 0.5m of fertilized and nitrogen-fixed soil. Various flowers are to be planted in the soil to provide food and pollen for the hive. It is recommended that the majority of the planted flowers are various types of Bellis Perennis, the common daisy. SCP-XXXX requires at least one on-site apiarist and two gardeners.

Fixated on the wall above the containment zone entrance is an Omni Laser Oracle, henceforth referred to as OLO. The OLO is capable of tracking more than 300,000 individual entities at any given moment. It can calculate the properties of tracked entities such as their mass, velocity, and distance from itself. It will be mainly used to track specific members of SCP-XXXX during testing, however, in order to detect any early effects of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the OLO is to remain active at all times. If CCD is detected, the on-duty supervisor and on-site apiarist are to be alerted so that the necessary procedures can take place.

Any personnel working with SCP-XXXX must submit to a monthly medical evaluation and self-check for lacerations before entering its containment field. Standard beekeeping gear is mandatory to prevent possible visual activation of SCP-XXXX and on hand smokers are advised for such event. Once a month, SCP-XXXX must be supplied with at least three male drones of another hive. Use of SCP-XXXX for research purposes must be approved by the on-duty supervisor.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a colony of blue Apis mellifera bees. SCP-XXXX maintains its population at about 40,000 and is shown to have abnormal habits, such as being more active per daisy planted, not needing to swarm every year, and produces only one new queen after the active queen's death, instead of multiple.

SCP-XXXX’s anomalous properties manifest when a person with physical injuries or other curable conditions approaches within 5 meters of the hive. A select number of members from SCP-XXXX will cease normal activities and begin to swarm the subject. Over a period of time, members of SCP-XXXX will collaborate in performing the necessary medical procedure to treat the subject's condition.

Members of SCP-XXXX seem to have modifications to its biology that allow its properties to take place. As of writing, SCP-XXXX can: stitch, clean wounds, treat infections, inject anesthetic, install provided implants, create bandages, amputate, and create small prosthetics out of Teflon-wax material (See Document SCP-XXXX: Modifications). However, if subjects of SCP-XXXX are suffering critical injuries and expire, members of SCP-XXXX will proceed to begin injecting the cadaver with an unknown substance. Shortly after, the cadaver's cells are replaced with the teflon-wax material. If the subject's surgery was a success and is left within range of SCP-XXXX while recovering, members of SCP-XXXX will tend to them until full recovery. This includes periodic treatment with various medicines, feeding with modified hyper-nutritional honey and daily supplements of SCP-XXXX-1.

SCP-XXXX-1 is a type of modified nectar that it fed to recovering patients of SCP-XXXX. Analysis of SCP-XXXX-1 reveals countless bacterial species that are specifically created to absorb waste products of the host body and chemically modify it to a useful byproduct. Daily treatment of SCP-XXXX-1 greatly slows the production of waste in the subject's body. Doses of SCP-XXXX-1 last for roughly one day.

Addendum XXXX 1, Discovery: The accidental discovery of SCP-XXXX was credited to Agent B██████, who fell into the entities' activation range while mortally wounded after a botched raid on a known Chaos Insurgency location. SCP-XXXX's hive was originally located near an abandoned Celtic church 2 km west of the city limits of █████, Ireland.

Addendum XXXX 2, Incident 3/26/20██: At approximately 03:35, Site-██ suffered severe structural damage caused by an improvised explosive 30m west of the south entrance. Shortly after, an unidentified group proceeded to raid and breach several SCP containment zones, including SCP-XXXX's. A full report can be found here