Cardiovore's SCPs

Item #: SCP-2XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Individuals known to be affected by SCP-2XXX are to be discreetly monitored through remote surveillance systems at all times between the months of August and November every year. Should the effects of an SCP-2XXX-A event occur, [in progress].

The phone numbers and email addresses of various mental health organisations and professionals worldwide are being monitored and recorded by the Foundation. When contact from an individual affected by SCP-2XXX is detected (during the months before an SCP-2XXX-A event), a multilingual Foundation agent nearby is to intercept communications under the guise of a mental health professional and offer free counselling to the individual at a Foundation-fronted address. An interview is to be carried out for the purposes of research and observation of SCP-2XXX effects. The administration of Class C amnestics concluding all interviews is mandatory.

Web analysis bot Nu-71 ("DEWORMER") is to regularly scan the web for any sites or forums discussing SCP-2XXX to check for affected individuals yet unaccounted for. Any new cases detected are to be immediately recorded, and the individual traced and located. The nearest available Foundation personnel are to be immediately notified to place new cases under the remote surveillance program.

Description: SCP-2XXX is a cognitive phenomenom that, as of ██/██/2016, currently affects █.█% of the global population. The effects of SCP-2XXX manifest anywhere between the hours of 00:00 and 23:59 every November ██th, however the length of time varies between individuals.

On November ██th of every year, affected individuals perceive all ground and floor surfaces to be completely covered by a blanket of "worms", which spontaneously emerge through said surfaces and remain for an arbitrary length of time throughout the day (this event is designated as SCP-2XXX-A). Individuals often react with intense fear and stand on nearby furniture or any other raised platform or object as to avoid contact with the ground. Individuals are resistant to any attempts made by other parties to stand on the ground while SCP-2XXX-A is in effect. Individuals express relief at the eventual disappearance of the "worms" and continue to behave normally with no memory of the event, denying any claims made by witnesses.

Individuals affected by SCP-2XXX continue to exhibit no recollection of SCP-2XXX-A until the weeks or even months leading up to the following November ██th, during which they become acutely aware of the next occurrence of SCP-2XXX-A.

Upon reaching 00:00 on November ██th, some individuals have been observed to stand on furniture or other nearby raised objects in anticipation of the event. Behaviour prior to and during an SCP-2XXX-A event has been observed to be extremely distressing to any unaffected parties present.

It is currently unknown as to why the observed population became affected by SCP-2XXX, in addition to how SCP-2XXX "spreads" to new individuals, however it does not appear to be through an infohazardous effect.

[Discovery section and possible interviews not yet thought through.]