Doctor Coyuga
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Item #: SCP-3134

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All available Foundation Paratechnologists are to study the remains of SCP-3134 in an effort to reverse engineer and develop countermeasures to it. Foundation Sites are to remain on yellow alert until sufficient countermeasures are developed against SCP-3134.

Investigation into GOI-1872 (Vatican Archivists) is ongoing.

Description: SCP-3134 is an extremely sophisticated piece of nanotechnology developed by GOI-1872, better known as the Vatican Archivists. SCP-3134 is extremely difficult to detect through any means, remaining undetectable except through direct observation. SCP-3134 nanites measure approximately 80 micrometers in diameter

Individually, SCP-3134 nanites are relatively harmless. However, SCP-3134 swarms pose an extreme threat. SCP-3134 will remain dormant for extremely long periods within the environment, slowly replicating through assembling materials within the environment. When exposed to a particular radio wavelength, hypothesized to be between the █.██ and █.██ kilohertz, SCP-3134 will begin to rapidly self-replicate and assemble machines utilizing available materials. These constructs are classified as SCP-3134-A.

SCP-3134-A are several machines created by SCP-3134. SCP-3134-A will possess various forms of weaponry and technology rivaling that of the Foundation's. The purpose of SCP-3134-A instances appears to be the total eradication of anomalous beings and knowledge. SCP-3134-A instances will terminate all anomalous entities, individuals with knowledge of anomalous occurrences, and any information of anomalous entities. As a result, SCP-3134-A are extremely hostile towards Foundation operatives.