Doctor Coyuga
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Item #: SCP-3134

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-3134 is an anomalous computer produced by MC&D between 1939 and 1993. SCP-3134 is remarkably more advanced than modern computers, being capable of storing approximately 10,000 █████bytes of information at any one time.

SCP-3134 physically resembles a laptop in design, with varying sizes from model to model. All instances are remarkably lightweight, with the heaviest models weighing no more than one kilogram. Instances are able to connect to the internet with no lag of any kind, although the main purpose of SCP-3134 appears to be the generation of and interaction with a simulated universe, classified as SCP-3134-A.

SCP-3134-A is a program located in SCP-3134 instances. When this program is run, it initially follows the speculated development path of the universe following the big bang, believed to be the initial loading sequence. After approximately 10 seconds, the program fully loads and the user is able to alter the artificial universe, being able to do the following:

  • Alter the basic laws of physics
  • Generate lifeforms
  • Annihilate lifeforms
  • Create galaxies
  • Create anomalies
  • Interact with sapient lifeforms should they be created
  • Generate anomalous phenomena within the program

SCP-3134-A is able to accurately recreate human life and development upon the simulated earth. To date, SCP-3134-A has been able to accurately predict every single conflict, conversation, action, death, natural disaster, and containment breach up to 20██, afterwards becoming more and more flawed as time progresses.