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Object #: SCP-3501

Object class: keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3501 is to be in-closed within a 2 Meter high fence that is 1000 FT away from SCP-3501. And fence is to be completely around SCP-3501. Every 2 weeks fencing is to be checked for holes. Holes seen must be fixed as soon as possible.

And the main gate of SCP-3501 is to be guarded by 4 armed guards. Only level 3 or higher personal are to have access to SCP-3501. Armed guards are to NOT enter SCP-3501 at all only D-class and level 3 or higher personal.

description: SCP-3051 is a abandoned highway in Alaska, U.S. Approximately 100 miles normally. But with its anonymous properties its length is unknowns. When driving in a vehicle that is capable of road travel and locomotion, Traveling to certain miles on SCP-3501 the Vehicle,driver or passenger will have something happen to them such as (For A Passenger or driver) Paralysis,broken bones,organ ruptures,cardiac arrest,seizures,sudden pain,head aches and hallucinations. For vehicles leaking gas,Major dents and broken glass,popped tires,broken brakes and (rarely) vehicle exploding. Any passengers,driver and vehicles going passed the 5 mile mark are to be known as SCP-3501-1. After 100+ miles driver will start to decay rapidly and will death will accrue after 4 hours of passing 100+ miles.

These are the events that happen at Specific mile marks.

Miles Traveled Event
5 Driver starts to Hallucinates and sees deer and a unknown creature on road
9 Driver gets sudden pain in arms,head,legs and abdomen
14 Vehicle gets dents and starts to loss gas faster then normal
18 Passengers get mild head aches and start to hallucinate
34 vehicles windows break and doors will not work
50 passengers will scream and start to go into cardiac arrest
70 vehicle will start to smoke a lot and sometimes will explode and all passengers and driver will die
99 vehicle will have no fuel and will stop locomotion
100+ All passengers get seizures and some become brain dead while driver has no damage done at all and will stop talking after the 100+ mile mark

Discovery log: SCP-3501 was found when MTF units were looking for [REDACTED] near the SCP-3501 area. And they found multiple vehicles that were rusted and all passenger seats had decaying body's within them. All drivers seats were empty and had no body in them. Some vehicles were vary dented on all sides.

addendum 3501-1: SCP-3501's personal asked the O5 council to turn SCP-3501 to Euclid. Motion was Accepted.

addendum 3501-2: the estimated size of SCP-3501 was estimated to be around 400 miles

addendum 3501-3: SCP-3501 has a possible chance of being in 2 dimensions at once being in are dimension and another unknown dimension1