Ross Island Artifact

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is housed in the center of a 10m diameter, spherical containment unit 150 m underground. The heavily leaded walls have an inner surface of polished gold. Gold seems to be the only substance with the desired reflective effect on the psychotropic radiation emitted from the artifact.

Still, containment procedures only allow for partial negation of the Ross effect. A 500m radius from the point directly above SCP-XXXX is observed by ALL personnel not wearing proper sensory deprivation attire.

The inner gold plate of the containment sphere must be polished biweekly due to buildup of gold(III)oxide and subsequent degradation in reflective properties. Attire and protocol for direct exposure to SCP-XXXX while maintaining inner walls is as follows:

• Full-body, lead-lined, radiation suit
• Gold-shielded faceplate
• Ear-surrounding, sound-cancelling headphones emitting continuous tone. 528 Hz has been found to be the most effective frequency in prophylaxis of mental aberrations.
• Even with gold-shielding, direct visual contact with SCP-XXXX is grounds for IMMEDIATE PERSONNEL TERMINATION
• All maintenance personnel are to be kept under intensive observation in isolation for NO LESS than 48 hours after containment sphere entry.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a fossil-artifact hybrid and appears to be evidence of bio-engineering that predates human existence. Specifically, the specimen is a fossilized skull belonging to the hominid Homo ergaster, bearing an age of 1.9 - 1.4 million years according to our knowledge of when this species existed (radiometric dating has been thus far unsuccessful as many electronic instruments malfunction when SCP-XXXX is close by).

The remain is notable for a number of reasons; primarily though, it is the “device” woven into the fossilized material of the occipital at the base of the skull as well as the profound psychoactive effects exhibited by those who come in close contact with SCP-XXXX. Other reasons for notoriety include its extremely odd discovery location. The species Homo ergaster was an African hominid with fossils localized exclusively to the African continent. SCP-XXXX was discovered frozen in a 300m by 140m iceberg believed to have broken off the glacial coast of the Ross Archipelago, Antarctica, just north of Mt. Terror.

The device embedded in the skull is roughly the size of a human thumb up to the first joint and is in the form of a rectangular prism whose faces are marked with small semi-spherical indentations arranged in a complex but clearly artificial pattern. The device is a dull grey but occasionally throws a dazzling greenish reflection in certain light. The material is of unknown composition. Analysis is severely limited due to the behavior of electronics around the artifact.