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Item: SCP-X
Class type: Euclid
Special Contaiment procedures: SCP-X is to be kept into the windowless room of Site-██, located in ████████, █████. The door leading to the room must be locked at all times. The room needs to be checked bianually for one (1) Foundation Agent especifically mentally, physically and physchologically trained, with a Level-4 permission, who will be equipped with:

- A bulletproof vest under the uniform.
- A revolver, located in the belt; and a one-hand machine gun, with no less than thirty (30) and two-hundred (200) extra bullets respectively.
- A millitary knife.
- Twenty (20) energetic bars and two (2) 500 mL bottles of water.
- A map of Site-██.

The Agent who enters in the room SCP-X needs to inform if the SCP is still there or not, and leave the room. If the Agent don't inform to control in a period of one (1) week, another Agent will be immediatly sent.
All people with suggestions or ideas for a more effective contaiments must read the Adderendum X-B: Experimentation log completly (not just the extract in the description) before saying something.

Update ██/██/███4: Message from O5-█:

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,
We know there have been lot of rumors about the Special Contaiments of SCP-X. Some say that it's in fact some covered training for dangerous Keter SCPs. Some say it's a method to get ride of people that we, the O5, don't like. Some say that the SCP doesn't exist at all, and we do that for fun.
We have to stop these rumors once and for all. We understand that it's inevitable that rumors involving SCP-X will spread up, if we consider that there's only █ people alive in the entire Foundation which have seen it in person. But we beg you to stop this childish chit-chat. You are not in school, you're in the Foundation.
Anyway, we'll send the videotapes of the famous Adderendum X-C. We hope you can see there's evidence of existence of SCP-X, even if it's a weak evidence for some people.
- O5-█ -

Description: SCP-X is an unknown object which anybody alive in the Foundation have seen yet a blue, floating crystal. The exact measures and chemical composition are unknown.
Anomalous effects of SCP-X will trigger when any human being "enters in contact" with SCP-X, and disappear after some minutes or hours when nobody is watching this person. Anyone can enter "in contact" with SCP-X for two different ways: via eye contact or when it's ██ meters near the crystal.

All methods to prevent people from dissapearing when they enter in contact or near the SCP failed:

- If two or more people enters "in contact" (watching the crystal or staying ██ meters near him) with SCP-X, they will also vanish.

- If a person enters in contact with SCP-X (referred as "the first person" or "contact person") and another person is watching him or her without in contact with SCP-X (refered as the "second person"), the first person when vanish when the second person blinks or looks away.

- If you repeat the second experiment, with two or more people watching the person "in contact" with SCP-X, they will always unvoluntary blink at the same time after a period of █ or ██ hours. It's unknown if SCP-X makes people do that, or how is it able to do it.

- If you repeat the second experiment with a videofeed camera instead of a person, the camera will eventually break or there will be a shortcut in the electrical system, so the camera will stop recording and the first person will disappear. This will always happens in a period between █ and ██ hours.

- All devices designed to find a person, like mobile phones, GPS and similar; seems unable to track them after the person disapears.

- If any animal or plant comes in contact with SCP-X, they will also vanish after no one is watching them, like humans.

Holy shit, this thing is so frustating. No matter what we do, something incredible happens and they disappear before our eyes and we can't do nothing. They seem to vanish, to disapear of this planet! The research will temporally stop, I need to find a better method. We only used D class personnel, I feel I'm throwing people to a certain death. Horrible prisioners sentenced to death, but still people. -Dr. ████

Dr. ████, quit off the chessy, ethic talk and come back immediatly with the experiments or you'll be downgraded. -O5-█

For more information, read the Adderendum X-B [Needs Level 2 permission]

Adderendum X-A: Obtention of SCP-X

Adderendum X-C: Interview with D-90324 and Agent ████