A man with gloves

Scp- is a average white man that stands about 6 foot he prefers to be called Jack. Scp- almost always has a light winter glove of — brand with the fingers cut off on his right hand. the hand looks normal under all circumstances. The anomalous effects take place after you take the glove off. The hand still looks normal but when it comes in contact with something of living or nonliving material its effects become known. Scp- has to say certain command words or think them in his mind to activate them.

containment__Scp- is to be contained in a 15mx15m cell with comfortable living arrangements Scp- is to be brought anything he wishes. His wish to have a computer is in pending. Scp- walked up to the site entrance and when asked how he found the place he responded with "I found one of the dead members of your organisation and took his memories".

Audio log-
DR_-hello Scp- ?
-_ hello doc how are you?
_- I am fine is it ok if I ask you a question?
Scp-_ sure thing doc whats on your mind
DR___- What do you feel when you use your powers?
-_… i feel this sadness im not sure why it come on but that is what i feel depending on the situation
—scp is to depressed to continue

Test log 1_
Scp- asks to show researchers what he can so
*A dead class D subject which was shot through the head is brought to Scp
- as requested
_Scp- takes off the glove for the first time in custody of the foundation and places his hand on the subjects chest.
*5 minuets go by the hole in the head of Subject D closes up
*a look of pain crosses Scp
- face
_Scp—- takes hand off of subject D and puts his glove back on
*Subject D sits up after a few moments and asks why he is in the middle of a testing room

Test log 2_
Scp- asks to be brought a dead animal to show another of his powers
*A dead tabby is brought to him the cat had been one of the researchers pets till it had died of old age
- takes off the glove and puts in one the tabby
*Scp—- is seen crying

*Scp- does not respond
*a blinding light emits from the space between Scp
- and the tabby
*the light dies and Scp- is now visible tabby is still there
- now has cat ears, tail, and claws —- puts his gloves back on

_Scp- the cat had such a nice life its so sad it had to end
*owner of the dead cat now breaks down and cries
-thank you for taking care of the cat DR___ you gave it a nice life
*Owner has to leave room
*Scp- is visibly angry now

_Scp—- Everything i should have died yet i cant and this creature gets the sweet relief of death

_Scp—- yes i do

_Scp- A normal person cant do that much less this
- proceeds to take off his glove and put his hand to the wall
_Scp- decay
*the wall Scp
- is touching starts to decay from where he touches
*the whole wall falls apart
_Scp—- asks to be brought back to his cell
*request granted