Item #: SCP-2530


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2530 is to be kept in a secure storage container with access to running water and is to be directly connected to a water heating device. No personnel are permitted to access SCP-2530 without O4 clearance. SPC-2530 is only to be activated by D class personnel for research purposes. Any observations must be conducted with remote surveillance equipment.

Description: SCP-2530 was found in ███████████, ██████████ after a missing person report and home search lead to the discovery of the victim found deceased in SCP-2530 with the text [REDACTED] burned onto their left leg. This lead to immediate seizure by Foundation personnel. SCP-2530 appears to be a standard 3X4 fiberglass shower fixture with no outwardly anomalous features. SCP-2530 acts in a non anomalous manor; functioning as a shower with adjustable temperature and pressure until after being in use for over ten minutes. At this point the door is sealed shut, as well as experiencing a dramatic increase in rigidity and strength of the glass panels; the mechanism in which these changes occur is unknown. At this point the temperature of the water begins to slowly increase at a rate of 20° per minute. Water will continue to rise in temperature regardless of the state of the attached heating element, and any water will remain in a state of liquidity, regardless of the temperature. The temperature will increase at this rate until the subject has either left the shower, or the subject expires.

Addendum 1: SCP-2530
Subject D-3759 is instructed by research staff to remove clothing articles and to begin using SCP-2530; subject not informed of anomalous properties.
After minor questioning, D-3759 complies.
SCP-2530 behaves as expected for 10:30.
11:15: Subject reports water temperature is increasing although they had yet to adjust the knob.
12:27: Subject attempts to leave SCP-2530 exclaiming that the temperature is causing extreme discomfort.
14:30: Research staff notices burn marks on subject where stream makes greatest contact.
15:17: Subject kneeling on floor of SCP-2530 yelling in pain.
15:30: Rescue team attempts to open door; no success.
15:40: Rescue team attempts to break glass; no success.
16:00: Rescue team manages to break door with four shots from team member's pistol.

SCP-2530's glass door is replaced with standard pane glass.
Subject is treated for various burns. Upon further inspection text [REDACTED] is burned to the bottom of subject's foot.

Addendum 2: SCP-2530
Subject D-9257 is instructed by research staff to remove clothing articles and to begin using SCP-2530; subject not informed of anomalous properties.
6:30: Subject leaves SCP-2530 experiencing no anomalous properties. Staff orders subject to continue use of SCP-2530.
10:45: Subject reports moderate change in temperature.
11:30: Subject reports major change in temperature.
12:48: Subject heard yelling obscenities.
13:30: Subject unresponsive: lying on floor of SCP-2530
14:12: Rescue team dispatched.
14:30: Rescue team attempts to open door; no success.
15:00: Rescue team attempts to shatter door with a sledgehammer; no success.
15:13: Rescue team attempts to breach door with small arms; no success.
15:45 Rescue team attempts to breach door with explosive charge; no success.
16:30: Subject expires.
16:35: SCP-2530 opens with no resistance.

Subject determined to have deceased from excessive burn wounds.
Burn wound on subject's chest read [REDACTED]
SCP-2530 testing terminated.