Gel Creature Thing

Location of SCP-2773 Discovery

Item #: SCP-2773

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2773 is to be locked in an opaque inorganic containment vessel affixed securely to the floor to prevent spilling the contents. The lid should contain a mechanism to allow food to be dispensed into the container. Under no circumstances should this mechanism allow an open path out of the container. A single citrus fruit of approximately 8 cm to 10 cm in diameter is to be dispensed into the container on a daily basis to prevent violent behavior from SCP-2773. Apples are also considered acceptable.

Specimens of SCP-2773-1 are to be contained on a case-by-case basis, and may be allowed limited freedom depending on disposition. Under no circumstances are any instances of SCP-2773-1 to come into contact with SCP-2773. SCP-2773-1 can be contained in a similar manner to SCP-2773, however due to the intelligent of SCP-2773-1 specimens, limited entertainment is to be provided, and social interaction is encouraged with specimens.

SCP-2773-1 can be neutralized by means of intense heat of at least 500 degrees Celsius, or by depriving the specimen of liquids over a period of approximately 2 weeks.

Description: SCP-2773 is a translucent bluish-gray organism of gel like consistency, with a volume of approximately 20 liters. The organism is made of water and [REDACTED]. It is slippery and warm to the touch, having a temperature of approximately 38 degrees Celsius.

It displays limited animal-like intelligence. Samples show none of SCP-2773's intelligence, and will attempt to rejoin the main body if placed within a meter of SCP-2773. These samples show the primary anomalous behavior of the main specimen, as such are used for testing. However, these samples fail to consume any organic or liquid matter, and eventually shrivel into a hard brittle material that will not reintegrate with the main specimen and cannot be re-hydrated. If deprived of suitable food for a period of 2 days, SCP-2773 will begin to grow agitated, growing ever more so the longer it is deprived. It will begin attempting to escape confinement and if it succeeds will [REDACTED].

SCP-2773 appears to enjoy integrating fruit, meat, and liquid matter. It does not appear to gain any mass or volume from this consumption.

When contact with SCP-2773 or a sample there-of is made by a human subject it is considered infected by SCP-2773. After ten (10) minutes, the subject will start to be converted to a similar gel-like substance, starting at the point of contact. Attempts to convert animals or non-organic substances have failed. Converted portions of the subject can be amputated to prevent progression of the conversion process. If allowed to continue, the subject will be fully converted in approximately twenty (20) minutes, depending on the individual subject.


SCP-2773-1-0 found solidified near SCP-2773

Subjects so converted are classified as SCP-2773-1. All instances of SCP-2773-1 to date retain their intelligence but are unable to maintain their previous form, becoming amorphous. They appear to forget the location of SCP-2773. They are capable of locomotion through the process of deforming their bodies or rolling along the ground. They are also capable of forming basic shapes and the more skilled can even form a human-like appearance. However they seem incapable of forming a working larynx and are as such incapable of speech. Furthermore, they are also unable to change their constancy, color or transparency. All instances of SCP-2773-1 to date capable of forming a human-like appearance have shown distress due to this fact.

Communication with SCP-2773-1 was found to be possible using writing or sign language. They seem to have acquired a desire to consume organic matter and liquids of various types, and to come into direct contact with SCP-2773. Despite this urge, they seem capable of suppressing it as long as they are provided with sufficient organic matter to consume. Unlike SCP-2773, consuming matter increases the mass of SCP-2773-1 for a number of days roughly equal to mass of the consumed matter in kilograms, with slight variations dependent on the kind of matter. SCP-2773 and SCP-2773-1 appear to have no desire to consume living creatures, human or otherwise, unless there is no other source of matter to consume.

Unlike SCP-2773, specimens of SCP-2773-1 do not appear capable of manifesting SCP-2773's primary anomalous behavior and instead involuntarily break down contacted portions of the subject as though consuming it after contact with SCP-2773-1 is maintained for more than five (5) minutes. Short duration physical contact with SCP-2773-1 appears to have little effect on the subject, aside from occasional comments of "being rather slimy". Despite these comments, no apparent residue from this type of contact is present.

Matter consumed by SCP-2773 or SCP-2773-1 takes approximately one (1) minute to be completely consumed, leaving only fine residue visible within which [REDACTED].

Testing shows that certain instances of SCP-2773-1 may be useful in performing duties otherwise hostile to normal personnel, if their desire to encounter SCP-2773 can be better controlled.

Addendum 2773-00: Recovery Summary

SCP-2773 recovered from bottom of a "sacred" pond in █████████, ██████. Contact with non-foundation personnel confirmed by local inhabitants. We found specimen of similar appearance to SCP-2773 nearby, designated SCP-2773-1-0, this instance was hard and solidified, reason unknown. Theorized SCP-2773-1-0 is transmutation of non-foundation personnel. Activated █████████ █████ protocols as per standard procedure before retrieving SCP-2773. SCP-2773-1-0 shattered during transport, pieces stored at ██████ ███, alongside SCP-2773.

Addendum 2773-01: Human Experimentation Log

Document # 2773-01-A:000 Dr. ███ ███████ Test Log

Subject: Subject D-91234, male African, 22 years old, 102kg, 178cm tall.
Result: Specimen SCP-2773-1-1, specimen shows very little capability to change it's form, attacked a nearby guard and was eventually incapacitated by sustained gunfire. Subject experimented upon and then terminated.
Experimentation Log: [REDACTED]

Subject: Subject D-91526, female Asian, 31 years old, 76kg, 172cm tall.
Result: Specimen SCP-2773-1-2, specimen eventually able to change form, but proved irrational.
Interview Log: See Addendum 2773-02, Interview 2773-02-1


Subject: Subject D-92193, female Asian, 31 years old, 76kg, 172cm tall.
Result: Specimen SCP-2773-1-4, specimens desire to investigate suppressed after being fed meat, specimen incapable of any kind of complex communication. Subject contained for further study.


Subject: Subject D-92349, male Caucasian, 26 years old, 70kg, 175cm tall.
Result: Specimen SCP-2773-1-6, specimen managed to assume a very detailed human-like form, however it appears female, Dr. ███ put this down as due to the personality of D-92349. 2773-1-6 also incapable of sign language, due to limited testing pool. Interview with SCP-2773-1-8 conducted via writing, after feeding with food found viable in creation of SCP-2773-1-4.
Interview Log: See Addendum 2773-02, Interview 2773-02-3

All further testing with D class personnel suspended.

Addendum 2773-02: Communication with specimens of SCP-2773-1

Interview 2773-02-2 [ACCESS DENIED]